Thank you so much for coming my way!

It's been a crazy decade for me on Discogs as both a seller and buyer, but, here I am still standing and proud to become a tenured dealer on a Site that I feel is the best on the Net for gettin' some rekkids (as they call them in my Long island homeland.)

I have always thrown all my experiences forward to develop more in giving my customers an honest, upfront approach with an understanding of many issues and a pocket full of solutions for all of them.

Please, never feel as if your sale is final. Never think I'm some jerk that's going to leave ya hangin. I am always an email away. There is zero reason for me to find out about problems through feedback.

My own buying experiences on Discogs have me around an 85% satisfaction rate with other sellers. With that said, I have only left neg feedback maybe twice, I firmly believe in the standard retail practice of giving sellers a shot to make good. Rushing to negative feedback accomplishes nothing but hurting someone else's business over what? Price sticker goo? Overlooked corner cut? Missed hole punch in lower left? Come on!

As a seller I have worked on developing simplistic item descriptions that makes a customer aware of the main features of a piece in regards to shiny vinyl, in shrink, with promo markings, corner wear, ringwear and all that matters. If I say only "minor wear," well don't expect many problems, If I say "some wear," well it's close to VG, not bad, but noticeable things,

I also often mention what's included with every particular piece I'm listing. I am not always aware of what a title initially included. So, if I don't mention a custom or lyric sheet inner sleeve, insert, poster, etc, shoot me a question to confirm if it's there. I can say that, no, my NM Alice Cooper's School's Out WITH panties does not have the report card and if it did I would be shouting that from mountain tops and selling the thing for $350.

Also, I am not always aware of exact markings on what confirms a particular pressing. I have been posting many, many pieces exclusively by the runout matrix, but, again, if you want assurances, just ask.

Now, let's dedicate this paragraph to a matter that has become simply too much-- picture requests. Sorry, the prices of my records do not include time for pictures. I am a one man show, selling at a rather high volume rate and, no, I do not have the time to drop everything for a picture request. I know that may hinder you from buying from me, but, I also know that there are thousands of other people looking for that exact title who will not ask me for a picture. Yes, you may buy it from me if I supply images, but, someone else will buy that record without me supplying pictures. The last I'll say about this, people are happy with their purchases from me. I do not overgrade. There is zero benefit for me to do so, The last thing I want is a problem. I want you to know what you're buying, I will playgrade (no Beatles except Abbey Rioad, sorry). I will supply you with the most detailed description you'd like, but, no I do not do pictures.

Another thing to mention, my biggest weakness as a seller is inventory control. I have done hundreds of record shows and for years listed Discogs merch was in my show crates. On top of that, I'm fairly certain that I have elves living in my place and I also suspect that records spontaneously disintegrate. I come through often, but every week there's someone finding a hole or two. I apologize in advance for that, but, I do have to cite that there is always a 10% chance of me not having it in.

I'll close with saying that Discogs customers are my favorite to deal with, I appreciate all of you, I look out for my customers and I'm looking forward to sending ya something,

Thanks again!

Be well

Nate Watts

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