Thank you so much for finding me! My name is Nathaniel Watts. I'm a spoken word performer and author who for the past five years has been selling records to get by. Things have been so crazy the past two years that these rekkids (as it's pronounced through the sloppy LI accents where I'm stationed) have been taking over my life. I can't complain. It has overall been a thrilling experience to live by the record.

Of course the biggest challenge is finding them and I am out there all the time sniffing out the vinyl for all of you. I strive to supply my customers with the best quality of what I scrounge up. Most of my stock is VG+ or better and I don't fill my store with undesirable titles. I promise that no Sing Along With Mitch album will ever be listed here. The same goes for Englebert Humperdink or any other pieces that I like to call vinyl VD. I must confess that I do have one Babs album listed BUT...it's in quad.

Anyhow, let's get to biz. From this point on I am directing every new customer here to address my method of operation. First off, thank you for your purchase! I mean that to the utmost. Every sale is a big deal to me.

I really hustle to get your orders out. On a normal basis, packages go out Tues-Friday. I work record shows and such on the weekends and am often unreachable. So if you email then, expect a reply on Monday/Tues. If you place your order over the weekend, I sometimes can not confirm it until Tuesday. I never invoice until I know the record is in stock,

I will say outright, inventory control is my biggest weakness. If I'm out of stock on your record, I am very apologetic about it and give customers the option of picking any other title worth $5 more than what your first choice would have cost.

Another matter to point out, I do not know the specs on every pressing that exists. I sometime dedicate a 1/2hr trying to find the right listing for a piece. Often I am right, but if you are ordering something and want assurance that some sort of specific marker is or isn't present, email me to ask.

Also, I sometimes get in thousands of records in one week. I can not play grade every piece before listing. If you're ultra concerned about perfect sound quality, ask me for a play grade. I prefer to have this done after you placed your order but before you paid. The same goes for picture requests. The reason for that is it's annoying to put in the extra effort and either hearing back that it was bought from someone else or (even worse) never again hearing back.

With all that said, now let's get to very reason why I'm writing this. I have been an Online seller for a long time. I started with selling on Ebay well over a decade ago. I'm used to people emailing me when they have problems. However on Discogs, some people seem to want to go straight to feedback. WHY?! This makes no sense!

I strongly feel that in any sort of commerce a seller should always be given a chance to make good before feedback is left.

I've bought bad records from guys Online. I email them and they usually allow for a return. If they don't, well, then they are scum that deserve a feedback attack.

This is my way of life and I take it really serious. I want to keep my customers happy. Partial refunds, credits and returns are a part of that. I know the game and am an email away. No sale is final with me. If there is an issue, I'd like to know about it through an email as opposed to seeing it smeared on my feedback.

If a return is in order, no I will not pay you an additional $10 to send it out as some guy expected me to do. He'd rather leave me a neg for not doing it instead of getting his $30 back. Of course the choice is always yours.

As you will see my customers are often very happy with what they receive. I have over 1,000 positives and lots of those orders had multiple titles in them. I have probably sent out around 6-8,000 pieces within these 5yrs.

On a final note, yes, anywhere in the US, up to 5 records will only cost you $4.95 to ship, It's more important to me to get the rekkids out than it is to milk people for extra dollars on shipping costs.

Again, thank you for your order!


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