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posted a review of Mattr. & Rushya - Plastic. over 15 years ago
This release pales in comparison to the previous two Ramadan 12"es - while the latter were minimal, stripped down affairs with rather oppressive themes, this release adds vocalists that fail to surprise or amaze in terms of lyrical ability. There is an ... See full review
posted a review of Big Daddy Rick - Rowdy Electro EP. over 15 years ago
A shining milestone in ghetto bass history, as the first Databass release of course, but mostly for 'Titty Inferno', which features the vocals off 'Tit's Like Balloons' with the Trampps 'Disco Inferno' as a backing track. Not for the faint of heart!
posted a review of Handbag/Abba Versus Istari Lasterfahrer - Acid Explosion / Judge Dread. over 15 years ago
A proper sample raper, this 12" - for lovers of Sickboy, Kid606's escapades on Violent Turd, Stunt Rock et al, this is where it's at. You got the Tatu, you got the Nelly, you got the embarassing Radiohead hit from way back when, Simply Red, 90ies house ... See full review
posted a review of Louis and Bebe Barron. over 15 years ago
From NPR Morning Edition by Susan Stone, February 7th 2005:

The 1956 sci-fi thriller Forbidden Planet was the first major motion picture to feature an all-electronic film score -- a soundtrack that predated synthesizers and samplers. It was like ... See full review
posted a review of Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus. over 16 years ago
B2 Help Wanted and
B3 Population Control
both heavily sample dialogue and music from the extremely bizarre mexican movie "The Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
posted a review of M.C. Miker "G" & Deejay Sven* - Holiday Rap. over 16 years ago
This is a landmark in crap music, this production has been accredited with singlehandedly starting the euro-house music genre and thusly bringing forth such hellspawns as Aqua, Venga Boys, Whigfield, and so forth.

How did this record manage to lay ... See full review
posted a review of Louis and Bebe Barron - Forbidden Planet Soundtrack. over 16 years ago
Sleeve Notes Part 2/2: Music Notes by Louis & Bebe Barron
We design and construct electronic circuits which function electronically in a manner remarkably similar to the way that lower life-forms function psychologically. There is a comprehensive ... See full review
posted a review of Louis and Bebe Barron - Forbidden Planet Soundtrack. over 16 years ago
Sleeve Notes Part 1/2: Film Notes by Bill Malone
In 1954, MGM began a magnificent project, destined to set a new standard for science-fiction and fantasy films. Originally called "Fatal Planet", it was retitled "Forbidden Planet" which was felt to have ... See full review
posted a review of Seelenluft - Manila. over 16 years ago
None of the other tracks on this release do anything for me, but the Manitoba remix was a real surprise, since I am more familiar with his rather idyllitronic releases on Leaf. This remix delivers the dancefloor goods though, with a unlikely combination ... See full review
posted a review of Kraftwerk - Concert Classics. over 16 years ago
This is a recording of a Kraftwerk concert from 1975 - especially the versions of Kometenmelodie and Morgenspaziergang are just spine-chillingly beautiful renditions, their concerts certainly don't sound like this anymore, after replacing band members ... See full review
posted a review of Eric B. & Rakim / Prince - I Know You Got Soul / Uptown. over 16 years ago
Coming from the Warp camp, I consider this release nothing short of a slap in the face. I'm well used to tracks that take the acapella of some hiphop track and add beats and extra production, and I don't consider this practice to be inherently bad. ... See full review
posted a review of Mitte Karaoke - Die Discofibel. over 17 years ago
This was one of those tracks that had a huge success in the German clubs thanks to some clever vocal samples - the text basically just states the obvious: "It's cold outside / It's cold outside / Therefore I go to the disco(theque) / One can dance there ... See full review
posted a review of Brezel Göring / Barom One - Brezel Göring / Barom One. over 17 years ago
A hilarious release! Barom One combine Q-Bertish hiphop sounds, punk, noise, hardcore and j-pop into one wholesome seemless blend. A7 has got to be the single sickest remake of Donna Summers "I Feel Love", bar none. Bretzel Göring has a different, ... See full review
posted a review of Fan Club Orchestra. over 17 years ago
The Fan Club Orchestra is a side project of Scratch Pet Land consisting of more or less 10 people. The music is improvised in huge groups and edited down afterwards using the jam sessions as source material for the end product. There are some instruments ... See full review
posted a review of The Octagon Man - Magneton. over 17 years ago
With old (but excellent) tracks such as "Vidd" featured on this album, I'd be interested to know how much of the work is actually from 2003 and how much was just previously released on singles years ago. The thing with a track like Vidd is that it just ... See full review
posted a review of M.A.K. 2 - Undo / Kidnapped Fly. over 17 years ago
'Undo' is in fact a electro cover of Cameo's "Word Up"
posted a review of Stasis - Block. over 17 years ago
I love this EP - the production vaguely reminds me of the µ-ziq remix of Aphex Twin's 'On'; very minimal spaced out wonky soundscapes. Goes well with the current crop of Perlonish clickhouse as well, still sounding fresh!
posted a review of Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U. over 17 years ago
I for one certainly never expected to find the classic gabber bass drum in a UK garage production, obviously I've been neglecting a scene that has evolved well beyond the champagne/bling bling images mainland Europeans often seem to associate with this ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Mitell Presenterer Dugnad 2002. over 17 years ago
Dugnad was actually an electronic music festival up in Norway and this record was released during the festival in a very limited pressing - somehow these vinyls made it quite far geographically, although I reckon "distribution" was really limited to ... See full review
posted a review of Dr. Lektroluv - The New Preskriptions Of Dr. Lektroluv. over 17 years ago
Get this one for the Andreas Dorau track, the Crossover track is typical boring Gigolo style - I think I haven't listened to it more than once or twice after buying the vinyl - but the Dorau track rocks, as do so many by this man. Definitely more fun if ... See full review
posted a review of Tobias Schmidt - The Haunted House Ep. over 17 years ago
The title track of this EP takes the hiphop influences present from the first Nest release onwards to the next level with a Brighton-techno style take on tracks like Whodini's Haunted House of Rock - the result is a functional if perhaps a bit monotonous ... See full review
posted a review of Panzerboy666 - Panzerboy666. over 17 years ago
Sleeve reads:
wer steht schon gerne barfuss im supermarkt
ist von inlineskatern eingeparkt
morgen ist auch noch ein tag sagt man
this is a track not an alcoholic problem
und der föhn weht über den enzianhof
posted a review of Pan Sonic. over 17 years ago
Other memorable Pan sonic prank was, of course, the group's original name nicked from the famous electronics manufacturer, which must have caused many frustrations to their record label. As Toshiba, the Panasonic Electronics' biggest competitor in Japan ... See full review
posted a review of Detention - Tardy. over 17 years ago
that DJ Hyperactive remix was a real surprise for me - I wouldn't have thought that the more subtle, minimal approach of Cytrax meshes too well with the infamous DJ Hyperactive Chi-Town hardness, and it doesn't, but the remix happened nonetheless.
posted a review of Kid606 / Ascdi / Printed Circuit - $ Vol. 8. over 17 years ago
features remixes of Bubba Sparxx (Little Man?), Britney Spears (Teen Pop Phenomenon + Snake!) and most obviously Kylie Minogue (Can't Get You Out Of My Shed).
posted a review of Andrei Morant - The Nano Machine. over 17 years ago
Reality samples Professor Brian O'Blivion from David Cronenbergs "Videodrome"
posted a review of Berkovi* Vs. Kittin* - My Voice.... over 17 years ago
first off, what's up with the hype in the release notes?
this is a exceptionally weak release for berkovi, who really hasn't been himself in terms of quality control, at least since "you're so alien". miss kittins boring vocals don't really amend ... See full review
posted a review of The X-Ecutioners - X-Pressions. over 17 years ago
this album caused something of a stir when it was first released, being hyped as "the first turntablist album"... wether this is true or not I cannot confirm, but the fact of the matter is that this is less of an album and more of a compilation of ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Moitié-Moitié EP. over 17 years ago
Smees track on this EP is a true sub-bass monster, gets straight to the point from the get-go and never slows down - a very typical sound for this little Swiss scene, also found on labels such as Electronic Weed Crew or Dark Droop.
posted a review of Donna Summer (2) - Popxplosion / Midnight. over 17 years ago
Popxplosion features samples of Toni Basil and the Steve Miller Band.
posted a review of Terrence Parker - Tribute. over 17 years ago
Produced by none other than Terrence Parker, though it doesn't read his name on the record.
posted a review of Circulation - Limited 1. over 17 years ago
Three house remakes of Manuel Göttschings E2-E4.
posted a review of Filippo Naughty Moscatello* - Disco Volante. over 17 years ago
California is actual the old Mexico track by Giorgio Moroder, with no additional production done. Extremely whack and symptomatic for what has become to be known as "Gigolo Style".
posted a review of Girls On Top (2) - I Wanna Dance With Numbers / Being Scrubbed. over 17 years ago
Limited edition my foot, this is a bootleg! I Wanna Dance With Numbers = Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody vs. Kraftwerk Numbers, Being Scrubbed = Human League - Being Boiled vs. TLC - Scrubs
posted a review of Memory Boy - (There Is No) Electricity. over 17 years ago
Rather doubtful practice in my eyes of featuring tracks not produced by oneself without giving credit to the real artists - I happen to know that Mr.Selway spent some amount of time on various Italo-Disco boards prior to founding Memory Boy, asking which ... See full review
posted a review of Steril - Robofication. over 17 years ago
Probably Sterils best record ever (and also his first). Funny to think that some clueless record reviewers actually believed the sleeve notes concerning the production year.

Sadly, this release is mastered quite poorly.
posted a review of Anthony Rother. over 17 years ago
In response to Crijevo; I definitely agree with you in terms of later Rother releases, but tracks like his Schubdüse Remix for Sven Väth, the Sex with the Machines EP and also his first two singles as Psi Performer on K20 were not without inspiration - ... See full review
posted a review of Unknown Artist - The Model. over 17 years ago
"The Model" is actually by Snakefinger, the guitarrist of the Residents, and was released as such in 1980, both on Snakefingers album "Chewing Hides the Sound" and as a 7" single. Hell just added a electro beat and crossfaded at one point.
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Samich Jackson. over 17 years ago
While this is a bootleg, it's officially listed as part of the Throw catalog on the Twilight 76 homepage...
posted a review of Broklyn Beast - March Of The Oil Barons / The Vampire Strikes Back. over 17 years ago
This release came with a lovely sticker featuring George Bush Jr. with vampire teeth painted in - the pressing plant did not condone this behaviour, thus the separate label.
posted a review of Mixed Bizness - Gema 01. over 17 years ago
Aside from all else, this bootleg was a major ripoff. A lot of these "artists" had released their tracks (i.e. Osymyso, Kurtis Rush) on vinyl, and were definitely not asked for permission by the people that brought this thing out, so this really is a ... See full review
posted a review of Sickboy - Ganja Bullet / Worst Trade Central. over 17 years ago
Worst Trade Central samples Lenny Kravitz and George Bush Jr.'s speech after the 9/11 attack. A brilliant track, nice one to wake up the neighbors with!
posted a review of NewOrder* - Blue Monday-95. over 17 years ago
The Plutone and Starwash mixes can safely be considered one of the bigger atrocities commited in the last 10 years - there hasn't been a good Blue Monday Remix and I doubt there'll ever be, obviously the reason to go for this 12" is the original mix.
posted a review of The Egyptian Lover* - Freak-A-Holic (Re-mix). over 17 years ago
The man with the nastiest hair this side of the Nile! Love the picture on the flipside of the release, yum!
posted a review of Juan Atkins - Wax Trax! MasterMix - Volume 1. over 17 years ago
I really don't know what they were thinking when they released the vinyl as a mixed release - I was not aware of this when ordering the vinyl, thinking it'd be an easy way to get hold of several elusive classics...two thumbs down.
posted a review of Responsible Space Playboys - Jack You Fly Girls. over 17 years ago
As the title suggests, this vinyl features some proper chicago jack sound coupled with some low, low bass. The "Reach down between your legs..." sample just accentuates the nastiness that much more - nice one!
posted a review of Subhead - Subtrax. over 17 years ago
Holy cow, this vinyl reaches unprecedented levels of hardness even for Subhead! A1 is the end-all answer to how insane and distorted a techno/breakbeat track can get, truly mad stuff.
posted a review of Trakhead Steve* - Come Get Some Ep. over 17 years ago
Dave Clarke sampled this for his Icrunch release, much as he sampled an old Dancemania hit for his Compass EP on Gigolo.
posted a review of DJ Deeon - Headhunters. over 17 years ago
A strong Databass release, mostly thanks to the Dopplereffekt sample (Master Organism) on the b-side - add some trademark booty/ghettotech vox by DJ Deeon and things are bound to get nasty!
posted a review of Tektrax - Tektrax Volume 1. over 17 years ago
Awesome record! A simple but effective electro rework of "Mentasm" and three twisted yet functional tooltechno tracks that do not disappoint, Oooooh shit as the sample says.