1> 80's Synthpop
2> Italo Disco
3> Minimal synth
4> 90's- Synthpop
5> Futurepop
6> EBM
7> Cosmic Disco
8> Psy Trance
9> New Wave
10> 80's Pop

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posted a comment on Órbita Sideral - Sueño Intergaláctico. over 2 years ago
Absolutely stunning release from this Spanish duo. Rarely do we get to hear such a genius sense of analogue melody!
Had it been released in, say, 1982 it would have been considered a classic today!
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This one still stands out as one of my all-time favourite tracks. It has that unique mesh of the Frankfurtian techno sound combined with a sublime pop sensibility and the equally impressive vocals from Ion Javelin. His voice is what takes this track into ... See full review