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posted a comment on Haïti 2000 - Tèt San Kò - La Nouvelle Musique Haitienne. 4 months ago
Reissue forthcoming via BeauMonde Records sometime in 2021 according to their social media pages.
posted a comment on Piry Reis - Piry Reis. 12 months ago
What's with the ridiculously low ~15 - 16kHz cutoff on the digital files?
posted a comment on Steve & Teresa - Catching A Wave. about 1 year ago
Reissue forthcoming via Aloha Got Soul 'late summer 2020'. Save your money don't feed the sharks.
posted a comment on Ayizan - Dilijans. over 2 years ago
CD Baby previously had the option to purchase 320 or FLAC but switched to strictly mp3 about a year ago. A shame they don't at least carry the CD for purchase on their site.
posted a comment on Legacy (28) - Sun Goddess. over 3 years ago
A clip of track number 2 from the album:
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submitted Various - Sound CD Volvo. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Trans-Millenia Consort - Aquatic Realms. over 4 years ago
Her website is defunct so doubtful you will find these unless it resurfaces.