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First of all, Do NOT offer me any ebay auctions. Thank you :).

The vinyls from my collection are NOT for sale (well, everyting is for sale ;) ), and I will not swap any of my records.
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posted a review of Archatos - The Strength Of Unity. over 12 years ago
There is some sort of philosophy behind this release. The sleeve refers to "Unity" (the balance between good an evil). The front of the sleeve represents Hell. It's a vulcanic landscape with a pentagram and a demon. The back of the sleeve represents ... See full review
posted a review of Enzyme X. over 13 years ago
However the Enzyme X releases mostly are defined as expirimental, the early releases on the label were expirimental at their original release date. They can be described as normal hardcore nowadays. Altough still very high quality tracks.

Musical and ... See full review
posted a review of Vitamin D (2) - Beat 4 Me. over 13 years ago
The nasty thing here is, Bart De Graaf stole the idea / samples from an English TV show for little children. Bart himself made a gimmick of it, so it's a little bit hypocritical that he sued the producers of this record.
posted a review of E-Man (2) - Bass Machine. over 13 years ago
The A-side of this record has 2 parts. The first part is a bassdrum and synth loop. The second part is 'Bass Machine'.

The B-side of this record has 3 parts. E-shifter is the middle one on the record and plays inside-out at 45 rpm. The other 2 parts ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Mad-E-Fact* - The Hustle. over 13 years ago
This release has two jokes on it. The first one is after track A1. An Mc tells in (funny) Dutch that this is a 'really dope track' and if you want to hear more, flip the record to the other side.
The other joke is after track B1. It's a weatherreport ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Buzz Fuzz* - Destruction EP. over 14 years ago
There is a shark on the sleeve of this record. Dj Dano is afraid of sharks, that's why Dj Buzz Fuzz has written on the sleeve: "Watch out Dano, Sharks!".