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posted a review of Cym Dimension - Mental Scream. over 12 years ago
Even though labworks are one of my favourite labels the one problem they suffered from IMHO was a lack of quality control and this EP suffers from it badly,1 track out of 4 isnt good and the one decent track Saturn Needs Water suffers from such poor... See full review
posted a review of S'Express - Mantra For A State Of Mind. over 12 years ago
Commercially the end of S'Express in the UK with this release (a paltry no 22 in the charts) which is a shame as this is a fine
bit of house but i think after the wonderful fluff that was Theme
From,Superfly Guy and Hey Music Lover the public werent... See full review
posted a review of Bloody Mary (3) / Yapacc - Split 5. over 12 years ago
Do you want a record that gives you goosebumps?
Do you want a record that sends you over the edge?
Do you want a record that engulfs you?

Well if so ignore side 1 (Merely competent in comparison)and
enter the hell that is Yapacc. It's the kind... See full review
posted a review of Walker & Jammin' Unit* - Planet Love. over 12 years ago
For a first review i decided to choose this EP as its my
all time favourite (even though Woody McBride's Rattlesnake
and Walker's Sunshine EP runs it close)and strangely enough
out of the 7 tracks only 2 really hit the spot for me and
and boy... See full review