I speak English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Norsk.

I love the sound of the eighties and early nineties.
I'm especially interested in: New Wave // Synth Pop // Italo Disco // EBM // New Beat // Sound of Frankfurt // Sonido de Valencia //
UK & Italian House & Techno ca. 1990/91 // Hardcore Breakbeat // Madchester Rave // Indie // Shoegaze //
but there is also some other rock, psych, pop, punk, funk, hip hop and experimental music that I like and collect –
generally old stuff.
I mostly don't care much about lyrics; it's the sounds, rhythms and melodies that catch my attention.

My own musical output has been released on Vehikel Records.

My ratings:
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10 / 5 / supernatural.
9 / 5 / amazing. wouldn't want to miss it.
8 / 4 / a pleasure to listen to.
7 / 3 / has its strengths.
6 / 2 / okay.
5 / 1 / uninteresting.
4 / 1 / rather weak.
3 and below / 1 / will be removed from my collection upon arrival and therefore does not need to be commented.

Devoted Discogs submitter as y-1 from Aug 01, 2002 to Mar 10, 2008.
Since then less fanatic but still active as De_Chaschperli.

Some of the most sought-after records submitted by me as y-1 are
Die Stärke Im Minimum, You Did It / The Jatz, Fade Into You, I Know We Can Make It, Cannonball, and Garlands.
Some rare records submitted as De_Chaschperli are
The Summer / Emulsified, She's Not There, Disco Night, Penguins' Invasion, and Mama Said Knock You Out.

All records in my collection are originals, no CDr's, no mp3's.
For buying records, I prefer stores and fairs to the Discogs marketplace and other online platforms.

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posted a comment on Head. over 2 years ago
Nice one! I don't know, but might it be the songs "Sun Carriage" and "Determined" by the band Sun Carriage?
Bumm Und Schrumm, Ländlerkapelle «Alphüttli»* - 'S Guggerzytli / Das Muntere Rehlein
submitted Bumm Und Schrumm, Ländlerkapelle «Alphüttli»* - 'S Guggerzytli / Das Muntere Rehlein. over 6 years ago
Glarner Zithergruppe «Alpärösli»* - Uf Alte Instrumänte
submitted Glarner Zithergruppe «Alpärösli»* - Uf Alte Instrumänte. over 6 years ago
The Boo Radleys - Sunfly
submitted The Boo Radleys - Sunfly. over 9 years ago
Billie Bird / Yellow Teeth (2) - Billie Bird / Yellow Teeth
submitted Billie Bird / Yellow Teeth (2) - Billie Bird / Yellow Teeth. over 10 years ago
Anaconda - Machine
posted a review of Anaconda - Machine. over 16 years ago
This is a strange release with an interesting B-side. First of all, it doesn't have the quality you'd expect from Luden Barnemünde & Johanna Cosmo Fetsch (Fritz Weber & Ulrich Franke) - in terms of production quality this is nowhere near the Teknó La... See full review
Erasure - Am I Right?
posted a review of Erasure - Am I Right?. over 17 years ago
Mute Records manage to pack 4 tunes on this 45rpm 7" at reasonable sound quality - thanks to Vince Clarke's typical soft sound.
Carry On Clangers is the most interesting piece to me here, as it represents Clarke's take on Bleep Techno. A nice... See full review
Depth Charge - Bounty Killers
posted a review of Depth Charge - Bounty Killers. over 17 years ago
What makes this record interesting is its progressive production style. Bounty Killers sounds quite singular for 1989 and more like one of the forerunners of a downbeat/dub/trip hop/big beat style which blossomed only in the late nineties. Breakbeats... See full review
The Stone Roses - Made Of Stone
posted a review of The Stone Roses - Made Of Stone. over 17 years ago
Guernica is one of the most interesting production experiments I've heard. Guitar tracks running backwards are layered over guitar tracks probably running forward, though it's hard to tell in the mix (at least parts of the guitar was taken from Made... See full review
Touch El Arab - L.R.K.
posted a review of Touch El Arab - L.R.K.. over 17 years ago
This is a very entertaining and at times startling, yet a bit of an uneven album. 'Live In Cash', 'Shalom', and 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' are extremely catchy industrial pop songs. The latter has a decidedly hardcore techno-like sounding riff in the... See full review
The Farm - Groovy Train
posted a review of The Farm - Groovy Train. over 18 years ago
This collection of alternative versions of The Farm's best three single tunes is really worth it. Not so much because of A1, A2 (sophisticated house versions which lack the fresh energy of the album version), or B1 (as the title says, it's a version... See full review
Bigod 20 - Body & Energize
posted a review of Bigod 20 - Body & Energize. over 18 years ago
This record drives the sound ideals of EBM to the maximum: beats that hit hard on the dancefloor and synths that cut the air. These tracks were made in 1988 by the prolific, multi-talented Talla2XLC, this time in connection with Jallokin, during the... See full review
Head Factor - Nuff Respect
posted a review of Head Factor - Nuff Respect. over 18 years ago
This stamped white label (mine says "Bürning Records") contains a beautiful, deep example of piano-laden breakbeat hardcore.
Mix 1 keeps the piano going for almost all the track except for a short wild stab section in the middle; very well placed... See full review
Bleep - In Your System
posted a review of Bleep - In Your System. over 18 years ago
Bleep's production partner Joker (aka Syamese/Mental Overdrive) remixed this tune for the B-side and did exactly what I wanted a remixer to do after hearing the A-side. I remember when I first listened to it: The vocal sample by Lilith (aka Anneli... See full review
S.U.N. - Hypnotiki
posted a review of S.U.N. - Hypnotiki. over 18 years ago
A very obscure album! Although obviously S.U.N. were hyped on the London scene for a short period in history, they remained unknowns in the rest of the world. But for the few who found out about S.U.N., they seem to be a hot topic! Now is Hypnotiki... See full review
Amnesia - Hysteria
posted a review of Amnesia - Hysteria. over 18 years ago
Not Electro, not EBM, not Acid, not House, but a bit of all of those and more: This is one of the first true Techno full length albums with a distinctive European sound. Of course, this has to be called a typical New Beat release, but it only shows... See full review
Flowered Up - Better Life
posted a review of Flowered Up - Better Life. over 18 years ago
When the Happy Mondays started to sound like bleak soundalikes of themselves, the Stone Roses wasted their time in legal battles, Primal Scream returned to retro sixties rock, and it was admitted that Inspiral Carpets never really sounded like any of... See full review
Dice* - I Can't Take It
posted a review of Dice* - I Can't Take It. over 18 years ago
More disco than house, this first release on Production House is far from progressive and gives absolutely no hint about the greater things to come for this label in the early 90ies, when they were among the leaders of the hardcore junglist... See full review
DJ Nex - DJ Nex EP
posted a review of DJ Nex - DJ Nex EP. over 18 years ago
A great but little known record, this is the first solo release by Mark Archer (early Bizarre Inc., Nexus 21, Altern 8), and it sounds much more progressive than simultaneous Altern 8 releases. In comparison to the 1992 hardcore output in general this... See full review
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
posted a review of Cocteau Twins - Garlands. over 18 years ago
A totally unique album. Cocteau Twins found their definite style only after the release of this, their first album, yet Garlands stands on its own merit and has never been matched by the Cocteau Twins or any other band before or after.
Garlads owes... See full review
Pop Will Eat Itself - Another Man's Rhubarb
posted a review of Pop Will Eat Itself - Another Man's Rhubarb. over 18 years ago
John Wadell did the remixes for both the 'X Y & Zee' and 'Another Man's Rhubarb' 12inches. But whereas 'X Y & Zee' took #15 on the UK charts, these mixes here are much more obscure, as the record was only released as a promo (with two differing... See full review
My Bloody Valentine - Ecstasy And Wine
posted a review of My Bloody Valentine - Ecstasy And Wine. over 18 years ago
This album (which is actually a compilation of two EPs) is every bit as good as My Bloody Valentine's later and better known work on Creation Records. And it's in this period My Bloody Valentine made their biggest steps onto new musical territory -... See full review
Moskwa TV - Generator 7/8
posted a review of Moskwa TV - Generator 7/8. over 18 years ago
Generator 7/8 has a gorgeous vocal line (especially in the verses, though the chorus melody is similar), well-written lyrics predicting the Tchernobyl catastrophe by half a year, it has some of the hardest bass hits around at the time, and the... See full review
808 State - Quadrastate
posted a review of 808 State - Quadrastate. over 18 years ago
An interesting feature of this 12" is that the labels contain detailed composer credits (whereas following releases only state "all songs composed by 808 State"). As with many producer teams, the combination of influences and characteristics is what... See full review
M-D-Emm - Get Busy (It's Partytime!)
posted a review of M-D-Emm - Get Busy (It's Partytime!). over 18 years ago
The Club Mix is a house tune with typical eighties sounding horn samples and a stiff electro breakbeat; a nice party tune, but nothing special.
The Busy House Mix, however, was a trendsetter for the time and still sounds nice today. It has a groovy,... See full review
The Scientist - The Bee
posted a review of The Scientist - The Bee. over 18 years ago
This little masterpiece is a perfect early incarnation of jungle, and an expertly produced one at that. The breaks and the bass sound very sharp and clear for the time (on both mixes of The Bee, with slight advantage for the original). Actually this... See full review
The Shamen - Young Till Yesterday / World Theatre
posted a review of The Shamen - Young Till Yesterday / World Theatre. over 18 years ago
This release marks the point when Colin Angus took over from Derek McKenzie as the leader of The Shamen. On the Scots' first EP all songs were by McKenzie, here there's two songs of each of them, and from their third release onwards Angus was at the... See full review
Gaye Bykers On Acid - Hot Thing / Animal Farm
posted a review of Gaye Bykers On Acid - Hot Thing / Animal Farm. over 19 years ago
The B-Side of this EP exemplifies how Gaye Bykers On Acid suffered from Jon ('Mekon') Langford's production and his and Ian Caple's mixing.
Animal Farm, produced by Vic Maile, is the highlight of the EP with its powerful vocals, heavy guitars and... See full review
Altern 8 V's Evelyn King - Shame
posted a review of Altern 8 V's Evelyn King - Shame. over 19 years ago
Shame is the hardcore breakbeat monster here with its really gorgeous piano part and all the typical ingredients, though it's remarkably slow for late 1992. You Stole My Heart is much more euro house friendly, has smoother synths and features a full... See full review
The Farm - Body And Soul
posted a review of The Farm - Body And Soul. over 19 years ago
'Body & Soul' is a variation of 'Hearts & Minds', which in 1991 turned out to be one of the best tunes on The Farm's hit album 'Spartacus'. The 1989 version is nowhere near as good with its stiff and plump synth-pop sound and grunted vocals.
Colonels... See full review
Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me
posted a review of Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me. over 19 years ago
This and Something Good are Utah Saints' masterpieces. These two tunes outshine the rest of their output (even though that's not completely uninteresting) by far, by means of extremely solid production, great harmonic sense, and clever integration of... See full review
Tranquillizer - Tranquillizer
posted a review of Tranquillizer - Tranquillizer. over 19 years ago
A great record on a great label (and even one of the rarer ones), this is what its name suggests: A calmdown type of tune from the birthyear of hardcore.
The original mix of the tune remained unreleased. Caspar Pound's Hippy Mix comes closer to... See full review
MI 7 - Rockin' Down The House Remix
posted a review of MI 7 - Rockin' Down The House Remix. over 19 years ago
Of the two original issues of Rockin' Down The House on Chill (TUV20 & TUV20R), this is the one to look for as it has both mixes from TUV20 on the flipside and delivers two worthwhile new mixes on side A.
The Original Mix of the track is the most... See full review
Hans Platzgumer - Software
posted a review of Hans Platzgumer - Software. over 19 years ago
Hans Platzgumer really loves to collaborate with other producers and singers, or maybe he just can't say no. Or maybe he just doesn't care much about compiling coherent albums? For me, all these fundamentally different tracks on one album do not make... See full review
Quarashi - Stick 'Em Up
posted a review of Quarashi - Stick 'Em Up. over 19 years ago
Stick 'Em Up was probably chosen to introduce Quarashi as a hard rocking, 'serious' band to the European kiddies. Hey Cowboy is a bit more laidback and features one of Quarashis trademark elements, speeded up vocals. Still, on these two tracks... See full review
The Farm - Spartacus
posted a review of The Farm - Spartacus. over 19 years ago
Not as bad! This UK chart topping album by The Farm, a band that came from nowhere before this release and went there after it again, has been put down on many occasions. Sure, The Farm were copyists rather than inventors, and as instrumentalists (as... See full review
Rhythm Quest - The Dreams EP
posted a review of Rhythm Quest - The Dreams EP. over 19 years ago
Much has been raved about the Hibrid Mix of Closer To All Your Dreams, and it IS a classic tune from hardcore’s glorious 1992, even without sounding extremely 1992-like. The first break has the Mariah Carey sample over piano and strings, then the bass... See full review
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
posted a review of Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls. over 19 years ago
The original recording and mix of West End Girls is clearly rougher and more direct than the Parlophone version still present in the airwaves around the globe today. To me, the Bobby Orlando original sounds just a little bit too lazy, with the guitar... See full review
New Zone
posted a review of New Zone. over 19 years ago
Up until techno became a global scene (what happened between 1992 and 1994 according to my calendar), there have been many regional scenes with their own codes, pushing their own styles forward. Some scenes grew large and influenced and gradually... See full review
Inspiral Carpets - Two Worlds Collide
posted a review of Inspiral Carpets - Two Worlds Collide. over 19 years ago
Two Worlds Collide is an amazingly timeless pop tune, as Inspiral Carpets managed to write three or four during their carreer (and that's much!). The lyrics and melody are simple yet imaginative and powerful, the vocals are sonorous as ever with Tom... See full review
The House Crew Featuring M.C. Juice* - All We Wanna Do Is Dance (Adamski Remix)
posted a review of The House Crew Featuring M.C. Juice* - All We Wanna Do Is Dance (Adamski Remix). over 19 years ago
All We Wanna Do Is Dance is the track that really put Production House on the map, and the remix even greatly improves on the original and ranks among Adamski's finest works. Synth lines and disco samples appear coupled with a fluid bassline and an... See full review
PWEI* - Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina
posted a review of PWEI* - Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina. over 19 years ago
Pop Will Eat Itself always maintained their punk attitude, even when producing acid house/new beat-influenced dub tunes like Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina. Released as 'The Unofficial World Cup Theme' in Spring 1990, the tune samples football fan... See full review
Curve - Faît Accompli
posted a review of Curve - Faît Accompli. over 19 years ago
Curve's approach to music making seems very attractive, supporting shoegaze-type guitars with synths and drum machine grooves. But to me there has always been one flaw to Curve's EPs and albums: Their songs often sound interchangeable, are based on... See full review
Parallax (7) - Push For The Love Of Life
posted a review of Parallax (7) - Push For The Love Of Life. over 19 years ago
Parallax made a bit of a false start with this maxi. Push For The Love Of Life has a thin sound and not much going on besides dull bassdrum knocking, repetitive sampling, and exhausted Rottweiler rapping.
The two mixes besides the Savage Mix leave... See full review
Parallax (7) - Bullet-Proof-Zero E.P.
posted a review of Parallax (7) - Bullet-Proof-Zero E.P.. over 19 years ago
I saw Parallax supporting The Prodigy in 1994 and thought they were a quite exciting live act. They came across as a hardcore techno group adding vocals and guitars to their stab-dominated sound.
I then found this EP, which has much more of a rock... See full review
The Shamen - In Gorbachev We Trust
posted a review of The Shamen - In Gorbachev We Trust. over 19 years ago
An amazing record, one of my personal overall faves. It shows a band originating in indie and psych rock being among the very first ones to adapt elements from acid house and techno and thus sounding like a lighter, more melodious version of the EBM... See full review
Bizarre Inc - Technological
posted a review of Bizarre Inc - Technological. over 19 years ago
Technological on the A-side seems quite boring to me, riding an unchanging synth line to death for what must be eight minutes plus. It sounds even duller compared to the track Logical Progression by Nexus 21, which is a far more developed and... See full review
Return Of The Living Acid - Get Funky!
posted a review of Return Of The Living Acid - Get Funky!. over 19 years ago
Get Funky In Cardington Hangers is a classic dub version of the A-side tune: it drops the main synth riff and vocal sample and focuses on bass, breaks and an improved acid line. Besides crowd noise, it also adds new synth elements, but these are... See full review
Interface - The Toytown E.P
posted a review of Interface - The Toytown E.P. over 19 years ago
These are not five mixes of the same track, but five entirely different tunes.
The most striking thing about them is that all the A side tunes plus B1 don't have basslines at all. They are wild synth attacks over crisp breakbeats, interrupted by... See full review
Superformy - Pop Will Save The World
posted a review of Superformy - Pop Will Save The World. over 19 years ago
Pop Will Save The World is a pop tune very close to perfection. The melodies are melancholy and uplifting at once, the slightly psychedelic synth/guitar combination is contrasted with slick dance grooves, and it all comes across really honest, even... See full review