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posted a comment on Yell-O-Phase - Yell-O-Phase EP. over 2 years ago
hah!! That would be nice indeed.. but.. I couldn't released that Join The Army tune.. lawyers are like hawks.. :D
posted a comment on Various - Unreleased Vol 1. over 2 years ago
That's official mystery and a global secret.. I do know who did that mix,though.. No.. not me.. ;)
posted a comment on Yell-O-Phase / Thumps & Bumps - Frenzy Journey EP. over 5 years ago
Cheeers,Kryb, for killing the sales.. LOL
posted a comment on Interface - Toytown E.P.. over 8 years ago
It's good to see the correct tracklisting here, that were NOT given in the official release. Track A1. "Do It" must be the best known tune from Mr. Interface.
posted a review of DJ Nex - The Poundstretcher EP. over 10 years ago
It's almost an unusual to find a such an excellent 8-tracker these days.This one is definitely one of those rare piece of vinyls.All tracks are following the same basic rules "How To Make a Track For The Dancefloor".Starting from "At The Controls" is an ... See full review
posted a review of Vision Masters & Tony King Featuring Kylie Minogue - Keep On Pumpin' It. over 11 years ago
If you ever want to make a perfect dance-tune. Listen to this one. This definitely is one of them.. Easily. 'Cause in one country in this whole wide world. There was a Platinum-award DJ (No names). When I put this 12" to go, even he came to see, what is ... See full review