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posted a comment on Various - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 5. 2 months ago
I had the same (?) error on the first version I bought back when this came out. Can't remember exactly if it was a stereo issue but the timeshift/doubling effect sounds like it was on my copy, double-kickdrum all the way. I returned this first version... See full review
posted a comment on Pro-Active vs. [email protected] - Cosmik Space. 6 months ago
Almost - it's an updated version of Cosmik Space Club - Cosmik Space which was released in 1993, though most of the producers of Cosmik Vision are also involved here. It's likely they used the original Cosmik Space from 93 as a loose inspiration for Cosmik Vision, and then... See full review
submitted Index (4) - Vortex EP. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Koma Klub* - Vol 081. 11 months ago
Funny thing is that "Cheap Trick" is the same track as "Dan Ovan - Initial Osc" on Parametric Flex (VOL 082), would love to know the reason behind this oversight! Maybe the tracks just got confused on the master DAT, or they were simply producing &... See full review
posted a comment on Syn - Syn 4. about 1 year ago
I just purchased a copy with the same issue, and added this as a separate "mispress" version:
submitted Syn - Syn 4. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. about 1 year ago
This is a promo of - at least from hearing the A-side and comparing it to the YouTube linked video on that release.
submitted Lords Of House - Work Your Body. about 1 year ago
submitted Anacotcha - Snuff City. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Mablos Dj. about 1 year ago
Is it possible to give "minus 1" stars as rating?
Here we have plagiarism of the highest order - Mablos (or whoever is behind this) is just stealing tracks released in the 1990s, releasing them as 1:1 copies to pretend like they are his original work.... See full review
posted a review of Masters Of Deejay - Trance Of Deejay Vol. 1. about 1 year ago
...and another 2 rip-off tunes identified from this audacious "compilation", both in reality from Eye Q Records released in 1994. Whoever is responsible for blatantly copying the original tunes (they're really just copies, not even changed a single... See full review
posted a comment on Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth. about 1 year ago
Yeah been wondering about this as well on multiple releases. But I think some people just use Discogs as a list of interesting records/tunes. I've seen lists of "my dream collection" etc. which means not everyone who clicks on "add to collection"... See full review
posted a comment on Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Party. about 1 year ago
Also super interesting that this "Party" & the single is meant to be the same track, as can be seen on this release: since there is an "Album Version", which is the one present... See full review
posted a comment on Masters Of Deejay - Trance Of Deejay Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
No idea what the point of this release is... maybe to claim false royalties from the "real" releases which have been copied 1:1? Not that I know them all, but from the comment by "moeone" it seems there is more fake stuff in here. I just stumbled... See full review
posted a comment on Artemis (2) - The Labyrinth. over 3 years ago
No you're not ;)
By far my favorite Artemis tune... the buildup, the composition, the details... a whole journey in 9:27mins!
posted a comment on Gary D. - D.Trance 6. over 5 years ago
About 08:05 after a few minutes of "Back To Reality" it goes to something like "God Is A DJ" (with a voice saying possibly Eternity) for a minute and a half before going onto 3-03 Remember

This is "Zone One - Future" which is... See full review
submitted Daniel Bruns - 5 A.M. Remix EP. over 8 years ago
submitted Kenny Sharp - Missing You 2012 (Re-Mixes). over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Hospital Records. over 10 years ago
Now alive and kicking for 15 years and a catalog of 200 releases (#200 being not a music release, but a book which showcases the design, artists, events and overall achievements of Hospital Records) this is really one of the most successful Drum&Bass... See full review
posted a review of DJ Gollum - Fortunes. over 17 years ago
"Fortunes" samples from an old Playstation game called "Battle Arena Toshinden":

Eight travelling fighters, brought together by a common destiny, now meet at the battle arena Toshinden. Many years have passed since this tournament, known only to... See full review
posted a review of Slashing Funkids - Evil. over 17 years ago
The voice sample has been taken from the intro movie sequence of the Playstation video game "Resident Evil". Seems DJ Gollum (part of Slashing Funkids) liked the games back then since he also used video game voices in "DJ Gollum - Fortunes".
posted a review of Katana - Silence. over 18 years ago
This is one of the finest trance tunes for me, the melody has such a "feel-good" touch to it and I can listen to this again and again without getting bored. You may not notice it at first, but if you'll ever get addicted to this tune, you just have to... See full review
posted a review of Raver's Nature - Take Off!. over 18 years ago
"Take Off!" was a big success, probably the most successful track that Raver's Nature produced back then, but for me it was always just "good" and "nice".

In my opinion "I Can't Find You" is the real killer on this record. Driving forward with a... See full review
posted a review of Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Party. over 18 years ago
Yes, I totally agree with Speciman, this is one of the most exciting Hard-Trance records I've come across so far... and I didn't notice it until some seller of old records pointed me at it in 2000! Imagine my surprise, noticing that there are many... See full review