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posted a comment on øjeRum - Don't Worry Mother, Everything Is Going To Be Okay. 10 days ago
What can I say, this guy's having an unbelievable year.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Windowlicker. 17 days ago
Ikr, first you see the girl in the bikini and you're like "meh, boring" but then you get to that face 😍😍
posted a comment on Benge - Twenty Systems. 4 months ago
I totally disagree with you, but gurl I just browsed your comment history and I am living for your brutal takes. Keep slaying us with your withering criticisms, mawma.
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Fabric 63. 4 months ago
Is this the best Fabric mix of the decade? Maybe.
posted a comment on Rangers (3) - Suburban Tours. 4 months ago
low-key masterpiece....seminal turn-of-the-2010s hypnagogic pop release. this and flamingo breeze.
posted a comment on Standing On The Corner - Red Burns. 5 months ago
I don't know how or why Neil Young's On The Beach became a recommendation here, but I love it. Real recognize real.
posted a comment on Archives (3). 6 months ago
I want to take a vacation that lasts forever in this record label.
posted a comment on Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams. 6 months ago
Well it's definitely a departure from his older lo-fi/industrial style, so if you were for instance more of a fan of that then I can see how this latest record might seem like a misstep.
posted a comment on Eleh. 6 months ago
I'm 99% sure this is just another alias of Richard Chartier's, but either way, new album pls!
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posted a comment on DJ Healer - Nothing 2 Loose. 9 months ago
On a whim I decided to see if it matched anything in the Bible. Matthew 16:19 says, "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

So ... See full review
posted a comment on Trust (15) - TRST. 9 months ago
In time, this might be considered the genre of darkwave's magnum opus.
posted a comment on Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams. 9 months ago
Well sorry it's apparently a shit pressing, that's disappointing, but the good news is that this is actually the best Abul Mogard record yet.
posted a comment on No Artist - The Longest Fart In The World. 9 months ago
It's a pun lol

words words words words words words words
posted a comment on Various - Ringtones. 9 months ago
This is a thoughtful review, and I share your overall assessment of the record. Only thing I'd disagree with is that, at least in the admittedly small world of experimental ambient music, Fennesz is still a big name.
posted a comment on Prince Of Denmark - 8. 9 months ago
They definitely sound similar, so you could very well be right (wouldn't diminish my enjoyment of this album either way), but at the same time, I's a deep 4/4 kick drum over drifting drones and chords. Even if it wasn't sampled at all, and ... See full review
posted a comment on Actress - R.I.P. 9 months ago
it's always reminded me of anal to be honest <3
posted a comment on echospace [detroit]. 10 months ago
Well great. They took your advice and now they've been MIA for at least a month. They're supposed to drop a new entry in Variant's 'Thru The Cosmos' series, dangit!
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posted a comment on Suzanne Menzel - Goodbyes And Beginnings. about 1 year ago
And by "kult," of course, you mean "something other people like that I don't like."

Also, it's impressive that this album managed to be a copy of Enya, since it first came out 6 years before Enya's debut. Guess Suzanne Menzel is a mistress of time ... See full review
posted a comment on Radiohead - Kid A. about 1 year ago
this somehow feels like the most radiohead-y review of this album
posted a comment on Kelela - Take Me Apart. about 1 year ago
I mean, Warp also put out three Grizzly Bear records and all the Battles albums. It's not always abstract electronica ya know.
posted a comment on Leyland Kirby - Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was. about 1 year ago
Hehe, all this time later, Twin Peaks has come back. This music would have been a perfect fit for several scenes at least. (Although the soundtrack we got is also phenomenal.)
posted a comment on Hiroshi Yoshimura - Wet Land. about 1 year ago
Check out Inoyama Land and Gigi Masin for more like this!
posted a review of Nebula (8) - Astronomy. about 1 year ago
Wow! Very overlooked album (except by a few users here on Discogs, as you can see below haha). This is really interesting drum n bass music, which these days can be harder to come by than you might think. There was actually quite a bit of excellent dnb ... See full review
posted a comment on Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Ambient Black Magic. about 1 year ago
Which is the greatest Dominick Fernow project? Prurient is his biggest, followed by Vatican Shadow. But actually, it's always been Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. The dubby subbass on this album slithers beneath the industrial pads and ambient melodies ... See full review
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posted a comment on Drexciya - Neptune's Lair. about 1 year ago
Harnessed The Storm and Grava 4 are both classic albums though.
posted a comment on Anthony Linell - Emerald Fluorescents. about 1 year ago
Lol "white supremacist," meanwhile your comment on Linell's other release gives a shout out to Varg's like you tried to make the most stereotypically vapid SJW review possible. Next time, don't forget to mention how they're all cisgender ... See full review
posted a comment on DB1 - Zwischenwelt. about 1 year ago
Future underrated classic....this label always delivers! words words words words
posted a comment on Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica. about 1 year ago
lol it says IDM now, which is even more ridiculous
posted a review of DJ Sprinkles - Queerifications & Ruins - Collected Remixes By DJ Sprinkles. about 1 year ago
Is it possible for a compilation to be the best house album of the decade?

posted a comment on Grischa Lichtenberger - Spielraum | Allgegenwart | Strahlung. over 2 years ago
well, what'd he say?? that track is haunting; i assume it's just audio from a testimonial from some long-lost infomercial, but regardless, it's just so sinister.
posted a review of Martin Nonstatic - Granite. over 2 years ago
This has quietly been one of my favorite dub records since it came out. Very nice stuff--don't listen to the joyless cynics. ;p
posted a comment on cv313 - Seconds To Forever [Extended Live Excursion]. over 2 years ago
I can only assume everyone in this thread is already a huge Silent Season fan. If now know what you must do.
posted a comment on The Knife - Silent Shout. over 2 years ago
"I don't like this album, so everyone who does is wrong."

Anyway, Na Na Na is indeed similar to that Human League track in several respects. It's also an improvement in most of them (though I wouldn't say Philip Oakey's vocals are better or worse than ... See full review
posted a comment on Huerco S. - For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have). over 2 years ago
Kleenex are convenient and sanitary, and the world is better off with them in it. Just like this album.
posted a comment on Ulwhednar - Om Syndernas Förlåtelse. over 2 years ago
Which is silly, especially since the vinyl is sold out (according to their bandcamp), so idk why they wouldn't offer a digital version for sale...unless they're planning a repress/reissue/"second extra limited edition with sleeves made from the precious ... See full review
posted a comment on Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Green Graves. over 2 years ago

Here is a link :) One of his best RSE releases yet, I reckon.
posted a comment on Fennesz - Venice. over 3 years ago
Lol "people who enjoy an album I don't care for just don't know as much about the genre." Gurl please. At least explain a couple examples of things this album could've done better in your opinion, or of how it hasn't lived up to whatever hype it's gotten.
posted a review of Stars Of The Lid - Stars Of The Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline. over 3 years ago
If you don't like this album, we can't be friends.
posted a comment on Varg (6) - Misantropen. over 3 years ago
wait omg what is this really u

bb star alliance is still my minimalwäv jam
posted a comment on Varg (6) - Misantropen. over 3 years ago
classic acid ambient techno jams, hot as fire but still somehow so melancholy
posted a review of Petre Inspirescu - Vin Ploile . over 3 years ago
A seeming extension of the artist's modern-classically-infused Fabric mix from 2013, Vin Ploile is like a tropical or swampy cousin of Floating Points' excellent Elaenia.

I'd always assumed the cover depicted a child on a swing, which made sense given ... See full review
posted a comment on Acronym - June. over 3 years ago
I hope they still managed to release it in June lol
posted a comment on Komet - over 3 years ago
underrated! rhythmically formal yet refreshingly unpretentious. 3.9/5 stars
posted a comment on The Fires Of Ork - The Fires Of Ork 2. over 3 years ago
>"A 5-star release"

>only gives it four stars
posted a comment on Gas - Königsforst. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - A Few Old Tunes. over 6 years ago
"my belongings I had left at her house including the 2 OLD TUNES cassettes"

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