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Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy - Intertidal Dripping Music
submitted Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy - Intertidal Dripping Music. 5 months ago
Darren Rogers (2) - Star Field
submitted Darren Rogers (2) - Star Field. 5 months ago
Floating Machine - Rituals
submitted Floating Machine - Rituals. 5 months ago
Online Heaven - Link
submitted Online Heaven - Link. 5 months ago
Lutes Jennings - Nothing Like A Mirage To Contain Anything And Everything
submitted Lutes Jennings - Nothing Like A Mirage To Contain Anything And Everything. 5 months ago
The Silent Treatment (6) - I
submitted The Silent Treatment (6) - I. 5 months ago
Jane Bruckner - Agnes
submitted Jane Bruckner - Agnes. 5 months ago
Basis Change - Cease
submitted Basis Change - Cease. about 1 year ago
Streymoyer - Hopeful
submitted Streymoyer - Hopeful. about 1 year ago
Wings Of An Angel - Eerie Parasitic Impulses
submitted Wings Of An Angel - Eerie Parasitic Impulses. about 1 year ago
Crossing Bridges; Violet A. Foster - The Backrooms OST
submitted Crossing Bridges; Violet A. Foster - The Backrooms OST. about 1 year ago
Downscope - Ogiltig Himmel
submitted Downscope - Ogiltig Himmel. about 1 year ago
Givun - Unbelieve
submitted Givun - Unbelieve. about 1 year ago
Julia Holter - Have You In My Wilderness
posted a comment on Julia Holter - Have You In My Wilderness. over 2 years ago
Did you know this is actually the only album ever made?
Purl & Deflektion - Growing
posted a comment on Purl & Deflektion - Growing. over 2 years ago
Honestly a contemporary dub techno classic that I find myself returning to time and again.
Fragrance. - Salt Water
posted a comment on Fragrance. - Salt Water. over 2 years ago
I love everything this guy makes. Vibes for days, dark glitter on hairy chests.
Comit - An Ocean Of Thoughts
posted a comment on Comit - An Ocean Of Thoughts. over 3 years ago
ASC does not know how to make a bad record in seemingly any genre.
Voel - Meditaciones
submitted Voel - Meditaciones. over 3 years ago
Linkwood & Other Lands - Face The Facts
posted a comment on Linkwood & Other Lands - Face The Facts. over 3 years ago
Are you kidding me right now? Not one but two amazing collaboration LPs from Linkwood this year?
Anthéne - Lost Channel
posted a comment on Anthéne - Lost Channel. over 3 years ago
Beautiful, beautiful stuff. You will love getting lost in the channels of this music.
Feral (11) - Ultraviolet Radiation
posted a comment on Feral (11) - Ultraviolet Radiation. over 4 years ago
This label knows techno ambient like the back of their hand.

I like those dollops of acid bass on Polar Sun. Remind me of Above & Beyond's immortal trance remix of Madonna's "What It Feels Like For A Girl."
Steve Roach - Invisible
posted a comment on Steve Roach - Invisible. over 4 years ago
The great thing about Steve Roach is that there's always another release of his that you haven't heard yet, and when you do, it's always terrific.
Dorisburg - Irrbloss
posted a comment on Dorisburg - Irrbloss. over 4 years ago
I'd start with his two 2011 EPs, Passed Me By and We Stay Together.
ASC - The Waves
posted a comment on ASC - The Waves. over 5 years ago
How does he keep making these ambient masterpieces? Like you'd think by now, they'd be getting samey and mediocre, but no--in fact, they're getting better.
Félicia Atkinson - The Flower And The Vessel
posted a review of Félicia Atkinson - The Flower And The Vessel. over 5 years ago
Can we please get rid of the genre tag "non-music"? It's literally never true. It's all music. Maybe it could work for like stand-up comedy LPs.

Anyway, it's Felicia Atkinson, so you know you're gonna get something weird and beautiful. This album is... See full review
Claro Intelecto - Reform Club
posted a review of Claro Intelecto - Reform Club. over 5 years ago
Years later, after all the world has been through......this still slaps.
Xoki - Specular
posted a comment on Xoki - Specular. over 5 years ago
I am loving this label recently, and this might be my favorite release of theirs so far. Some really spaced-out dubby downtechno, but in a different way from, for instance, Echospace.
Weval - The Weight
posted a comment on Weval - The Weight. over 5 years ago
I started liking this album a lot more when I realized it wasn't in any way gonna try to be a techno album. This is a psychedelic downtempo record that's more in line with mid-2000s Caribou than with anything else on Kompakt's current roster.
Arandel - Solarispellis
posted a comment on Arandel - Solarispellis. over 5 years ago
this is a really really dope record. Discogs been sleepin on this one.
øjeRum - Don't Worry Mother, Everything Is Going To Be Okay
posted a comment on øjeRum - Don't Worry Mother, Everything Is Going To Be Okay. over 5 years ago
What can I say, this guy's having an unbelievable year.
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Windowlicker. over 5 years ago
Ikr, first you see the girl in the bikini and you're like "meh, boring" but then you get to that face 😍😍
Benge - Twenty Systems
posted a comment on Benge - Twenty Systems. over 5 years ago
I totally disagree with you, but gurl I just browsed your comment history and I am living for your brutal takes. Keep slaying us with your withering criticisms, mawma.
Levon Vincent - Fabric 63
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Fabric 63. over 5 years ago
Is this the best Fabric mix of the decade? Maybe.
Rangers (3) - Suburban Tours
posted a comment on Rangers (3) - Suburban Tours. over 5 years ago
low-key masterpiece....seminal turn-of-the-2010s hypnagogic pop release. this and flamingo breeze.
Standing On The Corner - Red Burns
posted a comment on Standing On The Corner - Red Burns. over 5 years ago
I don't know how or why Neil Young's On The Beach became a recommendation here, but I love it. Real recognize real.
Archives (3)
posted a comment on Archives (3). over 5 years ago
I want to take a vacation in this record label that lasts forever.
Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams
posted a comment on Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams. over 5 years ago
Well it's definitely a departure from his older lo-fi/industrial style, so if you were for instance more of a fan of that then I can see how this latest record might seem like a misstep.
posted a comment on Eleh. over 5 years ago
I'm 99% sure this is just another alias of Richard Chartier's, but either way, new album pls!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
DJ Healer - Nothing 2 Loose
posted a comment on DJ Healer - Nothing 2 Loose. over 6 years ago
On a whim I decided to see if it matched anything in the Bible. Matthew 16:19 says, "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

So... See full review
Trust (15) - TRST
posted a comment on Trust (15) - TRST. over 6 years ago
In time, this might be considered the genre of darkwave's magnum opus.
Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams
posted a comment on Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams. over 6 years ago
Well sorry it's apparently a shit pressing, that's disappointing, but the good news is that this is actually the best Abul Mogard record yet.
No Artist - The Longest Fart In The World
posted a comment on No Artist - The Longest Fart In The World. over 6 years ago
It's a pun lol

words words words words words words words
Various - Touch: Ringtones
posted a comment on Various - Touch: Ringtones. over 6 years ago
This is a thoughtful review, and I share your overall assessment of the record. Only thing I'd disagree with is that, at least in the admittedly small world of experimental ambient music, Fennesz is still a big name.
Prince Of Denmark - 8
posted a comment on Prince Of Denmark - 8. over 6 years ago
They definitely sound similar, so you could very well be right (wouldn't diminish my enjoyment of this album either way), but at the same time, I's a deep 4/4 kick drum over drifting drones and chords. Even if it wasn't sampled at all, and... See full review
Actress - R.I.P
posted a comment on Actress - R.I.P. over 6 years ago
it's always reminded me of anal to be honest <3
echospace [detroit]
posted a comment on echospace [detroit]. over 6 years ago
Well great. They took your advice and now they've been MIA for at least a month. They're supposed to drop a new entry in Variant's 'Thru The Cosmos' series, dangit!
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
Suzanne Menzel - Goodbyes And Beginnings
posted a comment on Suzanne Menzel - Goodbyes And Beginnings. over 6 years ago
And by "kult," of course, you mean "something other people like that I don't like."

Also, it's impressive that this album managed to be a copy of Enya, since it first came out 6 years before Enya's debut. Guess Suzanne Menzel is a mistress of time... See full review
Radiohead - Kid A
posted a comment on Radiohead - Kid A. over 6 years ago
this somehow feels like the most radiohead-y review of this album