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Trance (Goa, Psy, Uplifting, Progressive, Tech)
House (Progressive, Tech, Deep)
Ambient (Psybient, Downtempo, Drone, Chill-out)
Techno (Minimal, progressive, Dub)
Rock (Alternative, Post-rock, Hard, Blues, Psychedelic)
Hip-Hop (Thug rap, Gangsta rap)
Modern, Classical

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posted a comment on Above & Beyond - Tri-State. over 3 years ago
A legendary Legend.
Bring u to emotinal transcendence and everlasting light.
posted a review of Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors. over 4 years ago
Encore une fois une œuvre peu commune qui a su attirer mon attention. Voilà un bon exemple d’album qui nous démontre clairement que chaque artiste à sa manière personnelle d’utiliser les sons. Toutefois, je dois dire que la première écoute de cet album ... See full review
posted a review of Stereofeld - Frequenzwechsel. over 4 years ago
En voilà un album intéressant. Du nouveau venant de la Russie, c’est le premier album de Stereofeld sorti en 2013 et ça commence bien. Ce n’est pas la structure courante de la psy-trance qu’on a l’habitude d’entendre, et pourtant, malgré la variance, on ... See full review
posted a comment on E-Clip - Shuma. over 5 years ago
Boom ! Un album foudroyant de E-Clip ! Je ne m’attendais pas à ça. Voilà un excellent producteur qui sait comment manier ses sons. Des lignes de basses qui roulent bien dans notre gueule et des mélodies un peu « trancy » vraiment bien placées. C’est ... See full review
posted a comment on Ovnimoon - Trancemutation Of The Mind. over 5 years ago
holy fuck ... this album got some kick ass bass !!
posted a comment on Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom. over 5 years ago
I completely agree with you ! there are songs and parts of songs that are really incredible to hear! but I can found small cheesy parts and lack of depth in their music.

By cons, if you listen to the album with a positive look, I have a great regard for ... See full review
posted a review of Tiësto* - Nyana. over 5 years ago
Here is an incredible compilation mixed by the great DJ Tiesto. One of his essential works! Again Tiesto shows us his incredible talent.

This compilation is imbued with a melancholic and nostalgic atmosphere that takes us into a journey all throughout ... See full review
posted a comment on Tiësto* - Parade Of The Athletes. over 5 years ago
This is a Legendary masterpiece ! the best trance album of all time.
classical music and trance music is an epic match !
posted a comment on Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet. over 5 years ago
i want this album !!!!
so if you sell it please contact me ! original first realease only.
posted a comment on Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite. over 5 years ago
Here is another of my favorite albums of goa trance. In this legendary album, Juno Reactor has demonstrated the most unique style I had the opportunity to hear. Each song is unique and shows that the arrangement of the more unusual sounds may give rise ... See full review
posted a comment on Dimension 5 - Transdimensional. over 5 years ago
This is my favorite Goa trance album of all the time. Through the simplicity of the structure of the songs, we perceive the traces of a real genius. The whole album is a work of art and takes us into his world all along listening. The sounds used are ... See full review
posted a comment on X.Dream* - We Created Our Own Happiness. over 5 years ago
This is one of the best album i've ever heard, all the song are excellent and provide an unique atmosphere. I include this album in my top 5 of the most important electronic music masterpiece. X-dream have their particular style focusing on the structure ... See full review
posted a comment on Dimension 5 - Transdimensional. over 5 years ago
Exactly you'r right ! for me it's THE BEST OLD SCHOOL GOA album of all time
posted a comment on W&W - Shotgun. over 5 years ago
this is the most horrible tihng i've ever listen too
posted a comment on M.I.K.E. Presents Plastic Boy - Plastic Infusion. over 5 years ago
Chocolate Infusion is an amazing melodic track ! One of my all time favourite, a true masterpiece !!! the album is great too.
posted a comment on Paul Oakenfold - The Goa Mix 2011. over 6 years ago
please can you tell me where can i buy in cd the original mix of 1994 ? it is possible to buy in cd cause i really want it in cd I already have in mp3. thanks
posted a comment on Tiësto* - Just Be. over 6 years ago
Legendary album !
Forever Today is the best track that Tiesto made... like I cried 2 times when listenning at it (but you need to listen many times to get catch on it).
Nyana is the second best track album.
posted a comment on Tiësto* - Parade Of The Athletes. over 6 years ago
lol I think you're a ignorant... go listen to POTA like 3 times and after you're going to see how powerful it is.
posted a comment on Tiësto* - Parade Of The Athletes. over 6 years ago
agree ! This is the most perfect masterpiece ever created !