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posted a comment on Civil Duty (2) - Civil Duty. about 1 year ago
Shawn according to discogs you made a tech-house record, good for you, nice to see you branching out :)
posted a comment on Sky Juice (2) - The Black Tapes. about 1 year ago
electronic noise?????? heath man did u put the right shit on the tape???
posted a comment on Leo Pol - IILE 01. about 1 year ago
don't sleep, this one is still almost free! 2 more
posted a comment on Torn Hawk / Black Deer - Born To Win (Life After Ghostbusters) / Apex Break. about 1 year ago
personally i think the "rhythmic tic" kinda makes the jam, gives it a nice vibe....
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posted a comment on DJ Richard (5) - Nailed To The Floor. about 1 year ago
thats the way to flip a fucking sample of NNY..... not saying anything bout anyone else in the game rn but....
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posted a comment on Party Rockin's* - Stay Close EP. over 2 years ago
very very good luck right hear man, thanks! let's jam some tunes soon!
posted a comment on Hermon Weems. over 2 years ago
not to nitpick, but Hermon passed on JUNE 27 2010, not July. probably the most inspirational person i ever had the good fortune of spending time with/had the privilege to call a friend.
posted a comment on Omar-S - Annoying Mumbling Alkaholik . over 2 years ago
cannot believe dude named a track "serving cavi on 18 and garfield". unreal.
posted a comment on Zac Davis - More Concerning The Ark And Talk Of The Wicked. over 2 years ago
was this actually released?????? i never received a copy. if anyone has one HMU.
posted a comment on Care - Careless Whisper. over 2 years ago
grab this one while it's still cheap. can see this one shooting up in price once people catch on, great disco based house.
posted a review of The Mole People - Break Night / Ocean. over 2 years ago
Both sides are VERY "techy" house (this would no doubt be called "tech house" if released in the last 15 years), definetly made for the late night warehouse grip.
posted a review of M.A.N.D.Y. - Jah. over 2 years ago
great mid 00s minimal vibe that fades nicely into a dark, acidhouse influenced pre-Berghain basher, only to fold back over on itself sunrise style.
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Force Universelle EP. over 2 years ago
yeah "Captivator" is like "solid sleep" or "automatic" sped up w a bit more frigid funk. one of the better purpose maker era jams. "La Force" is nice too.....
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Purpose Maker Live Series. over 2 years ago
love the shit-fi quality, the crowd screams, and classic mills style murderation.
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Our Man From Havana. over 2 years ago
just wanna add "Cubango" and "Sugar is Sweeter" seem to be made to blend.
posted a review of Richie Hawtin - 006. over 2 years ago
Funny Richie Rich wasn't satisfied as this is for sure one of the last good things he made (this and 005 are the only ones beyond the Concept 12"s i can stomach). $220 tho?!?!?! i understand it's piss rare, but jesus.
posted a review of Electric Deluxe - Electric Deluxe. over 2 years ago
IMO Speedy J was always one of the most over rated dudes in global techno, making cheesy tunes. however, Public Energy 12" is a killer and this one here is a classic. that whole "spastik"/"washmachine"/"tribal bells" etc etc etc vibe, you can rock this ... See full review
posted a review of War Easy Made - The Internecine Truth [101 808]. over 2 years ago
this may just be "another solid tool", but its a very solid one IMO; esp with both sides blended. a bit like "spastik"/"boots on the run"/"electric deluxe"/"demented drums"/"washmachine"/"day by day (green velvet mix)" if all of those records ate a ... See full review
posted a review of WK7 - Washer. over 2 years ago
i don't like disagreeing with user:MAROKO as he is a hero to all discogs users; but i happen to think this is the best track in the WK7/Head High cannon. "Washer" is great breakbeat (built not sampled!) HOUSE, with a truly fucked sounding vocal sample; ... See full review
posted a review of Soul Capsule - Overcome. over 2 years ago
PROPER "deep"! everyone seems to love "Lady Science" (great track and i gotta say, w/o the 'tek mix' this record drops a few points), but personally "Overcome" makes it into many, many more sets of mine. Ford/Hutton/Melchoir was unstoppable in the late ... See full review
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posted a review of Kevin Yost. over 2 years ago
One of those rare producers who put a very unique stamp on what can be a (at times) generic/tepic genre ("deep" house). like Wayne Gardiner , Larry Heard, Theo Parrish or DaRand Land, Yost's sound is steeped in Jazz influences (tonally and rhythmically) ... See full review
posted a review of Murk Records. over 2 years ago
Love how these 12"s all had the WL w minimal printing; perfect "canvas" for *actual* MURK to collect on, giving all the 12"s a similar dirt stained looking label (being 25 years old at this point). as well, the label/crew name lets you know 100% what ... See full review
posted a comment on Earth People - Reach Up To Mars. over 2 years ago
do you really need a label to tell you??? it's pretty obvious.
posted a comment on The Bass Foundation - Recognition. over 2 years ago
not to nitpick but Castoldi just plays keys (and that he does very well), this one's produced by JOE T (up there w Wayne G for best 90s NYC house producers IMO). all of Joe's early productions (Jahkey B, 10BC, New Sound Of Soul) as well as the Castoldi ... See full review
posted a comment on Coral Way Chiefs - Release Myself. over 2 years ago
grab this cheap, one of the best on MURK. heavy, skeletal, deep house.
posted a comment on DSR - Miami. over 2 years ago
"babaloo" is the hidden classic on here. whenever i play it people always guess its something from the last 10 years. as moogacid says; treads many genres waters without fully forming to one, and also has a great afternoon/outdoor party/beachy vibe. ... See full review
posted a comment on Smooth & Simmonds - Pucker Tunes Vol 1. over 2 years ago
"techno driven" has a great (non acidic) 303 bass line and strange bleeps dancing around some very nice pads (a thin one droning the whole time and some w more body that come in playing a melody). love to slip it under a nice long/deep drum section, ... See full review
posted a review of Deep Sensation - Better Love / Reelin' With The Feelin'. over 2 years ago
while A1 and B1 are both better than most, i guess Colin Gate was that dude cause A2/B2 shine very bright compared to the prior versions on this 12".
posted a review of The Walls & Company - Heaven (When U Smile). over 2 years ago
probably Willie Wall's best right here. this record had to have been huge UK side, the bassline is very proto 2 steppy. vox are great too.
posted a comment on Critics Choice - Party Rap / Young Boyz. over 2 years ago
when the hell did this become a $250 joint?!?!?!?! i seem to remember when living in Detroit this was a "barely ever pops up, but when it does good luck getting $3 for it" type. "party rap" is god damn awful, but "young boyz" is one of the coldest ... See full review
posted a review of Breaker 1 2 - Breakin'. over 2 years ago
don't like A1/B1 too much but B2 is a great one to slip under a "deeper" jam. really expands the grip.
posted a comment on DJ Wey - Introduccion . over 2 years ago
B1 has never failed in a set for me, people really love that one.
posted a review of MCW'S System* - Spank It. over 2 years ago
no reviews??? Willie Wall's track record is near perfect, not his "best" record here, but 100% class. "spank it" has that raw, machine-like, train about to be derailed, classic house calculus kickin. can hear Bo Diddley etc in it.
posted a comment on 6th Borough Project - Part Two. over 2 years ago
best of both worlds w "just a memory" then "planets".
posted a comment on The Deep - The Earth EP. over 2 years ago
"love your brother" is a track that may not seem like much at first, but played by the right dj or even just heard at the right time reveals it self to be a tightly wound, slamming jam; true "deep house", relying more on absence than presence. can make a ... See full review
posted a comment on DaRand Land - Blessings. over 2 years ago
one of the best house records ever made, the painting on the label really sums up the atmosphere of this record perfectly. blend side A + B together for true transcendence.
posted a comment on Classic Man '93* - No Mind Games. over 2 years ago
i don't think Wayne G ever made a "bad" record, and while this isn't my favorite of his, those early 90s "guitar" sounds from some cheap keyboard in "Rapid Winds" are sublime, and "Keepin' On" (classic man mixdown); throw that one over anything. almost ... See full review
posted a comment on Cloud 9 (5) - Do You Want Me. over 2 years ago
yeah special jam, really encapsulates the whole era super well as you said.
posted a comment on Street Players - Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
great set opener.... got that locomotive vibe kickin. yep yep.
posted a review of House Of Jazz - Club Swing Vol. 2. over 2 years ago
needs a repop (as does they whole catalog). "Deep House" doesn't get much better.
posted a comment on Leftfield - Not Forgotten / Difference. over 2 years ago
"Hard Hands" mix is such a hidden house smasher, no sitting still style.
posted a comment on Kingdom Come - Groovy Baby / Jungle Bliss. over 2 years ago
Best Ron Allen hands down. both sides = floor killers.
posted a comment on Psyance - Motion. over 2 years ago
the "deep house" track being referred to is the A side of the 2ns Psyance 12", which although it has that female vox loop kickin; its not very housey IMO. i love how Ron Allen made some of the best "deep house" tracks that are also some of the best ... See full review
posted a comment on Infra-Red - ...The Second Phase.... over 2 years ago
only Ron Allen you can say that about tho man!
posted a comment on Norken - Southern Soul. over 2 years ago
one of my faves too, one of the best late 90s UK "deep" joints (and thats saying something IMO).
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posted a comment on Various - MASK 100. over 3 years ago
one other theory that is not to be discounted - TEST PRESSES. being someone who has pressed records, even in quantities as small as 100, ive been able at times to get almost 40 tests of that release. not saying this is for sure what happened here, but it ... See full review