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posted a review of Huren - Barracks. over 11 years ago
An unusual lack of kick drums permeates this release, at least not the way we're used to hearing them: EQ'ed very subtly where they're more implied than stated but it by no means makes the devastation any less.

B1 is a relentless 16th note synth ... See full review
posted a review of Kareem - Black September. over 14 years ago
Many years ago when I first heard the word “industrial” used in the context of music I immediately envisioned a ballet mechanique of clanking and grinding machinery and assembly line robotics run amok. A dark and desolate place where machines ruled and ... See full review
posted a review of Pressurehead / UK Skullfuck - Untitled. over 14 years ago
The first two tracks by Pressurehead are hardcore of the dark and irregular sort, no straight-up 4/4 beats here. ‘Sandman’ starts off with a chilling reverbed piano line before descending into some bone-crushing schizo gabber beats and cutup hip-hop ... See full review
posted a review of Network23. over 14 years ago
Incidentally, Network23 is also the name of the ominous multi-national television network conglomerate in the late 80's cult cyberpunk TV series Max Headroom. An ironic yet somehow fitting namesake for this legendary label of underground resistance.
posted a review of Lamia Is - Flesharvest. over 15 years ago
dark bass drones, distant muffled industrial/mechanical poundings, disembodied voices talking about demonic possesion, and Eraserhead samples make for one of the most disturbing and unsettling slabs of wax I have heard for quite some time. do not listen ... See full review
posted a review of Bombardier - Violence. over 15 years ago
by far my favorite full length by jason snell. its a dark and distorted trip through one mans tormented psyche: dense layers of grinding rythmic noise and pounding bass mesh with the hardest breakbeats known to man that only let up here and there to ... See full review
posted a review of Ślepcy - And Again. over 16 years ago
bordering the line of breakcore and pure noise armaggedon!
this sheer genius of a release sounds like a symphony of jackhammers and angle grinders! amazing!