Music wise generally power/rhythmic noise, industrial, classical, some ambient, and some trance/dance.
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posted a comment on Rihanna - S&M. over 2 years ago
Avoid this particular product. Pressing has multiple dings and dents and is unplayable junk.
posted a comment on Covenant - Europa. over 3 years ago
Excellent Album. Horrible Useless pressing. I had a bootleg picture from NIN that sounded better than this and I thought that one was impossible to beat on poor quality.....nope.
posted a comment on Ministry - Amerikkkant. over 3 years ago
The pressing is VERY POOR QUALITY...worse than a picture disc. It's almost as if they cut the bass track out completely. A great album and best since Psalm 69 but this vinyl run is useless to play. Only looks cool.
posted a review of Cyanotic - Worst.Case.Scenario Vol.01. over 4 years ago
I would have to say this is way better than 16 volt.
posted a review of Die Krupps - V - Metal Machine Music. over 5 years ago
I definitely enjoy the Die Krupps recent return to the retro range mix of the 80's to mid 90's styles and by that I mean exploring both their electronic roots such as on Machinists, experimental such as Requiem, or metal roots such as V. BUT on V the... See full review
posted a comment on Die Krupps - I. over 8 years ago
Suffice to say the demo's on Disc 2 are the gems of this release. They have a more elemental feel which you would associate with late 80's and early 90's Industrial. That is, before the guitars got way out of hand with everyone in the scene. The sound... See full review