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Sound quality is not super, certainly not worth the cost nor the shame.
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posted a review of Waterprotection - Green Oasis. over 12 years ago
The first side is brilliant. Bringing deep sounds together in a compelling mix that is both techno, ambient & experimental. The second side lacks the same inventiveness and the Pronsato mix just doesn't really get off the ground. It grooves, but like ... See full review
posted a review of DNCN - Cutups For Absentees. over 13 years ago
This release kicks! Rocking techhouse with beautiful synths. My favorite DNCN release so far. Hopefully this and his other excellent releases will get him some bigger notice in the music biz and some proper 12's. Big ups to DNCN!
posted a review of Various - Attention: Cats. over 13 years ago
Wicked EP. You can hear how Hrvatski moves from this EP to Oiseaux 96-98 very clearly. Also see if you can spot the Aphex Twin sample on Kokoskulur Galinpur! ;)
posted a review of DNCN. over 13 years ago
DNCN is a great producer who is underrated and missed simply because most of his releases are on mp3 and not vinyl or cd. Download all his tracks! A great musician!! Also check out the remix he did for Jello aka Bola. Quality techno that would fit ... See full review
posted a review of Tatamax - Fairy Glen Appearances. over 13 years ago
An interesting mix. I really dig the field recordings that perk up and then get crunched to death with digital distrotion. Combined with the sick beats, these fellows are gonna explode...I heard that half of Tatamax is Quinoline Yellow...
posted a review of Disjecta - Disjecta EP. over 13 years ago
A beautiful sound scape created by Disjecta. I really like how he's moved into more guitar centered drones and melodic pieces. Not entirely structured nor unstructured. These four pieces are a great taster of what's to come from the evolution of ... See full review
posted a review of Gescom - Minidisc. over 13 years ago
'Minidisc' was reportedly the first ever Minidisc-only release. This comprised of 45 tracks sliced into 88 portions, and encouraging the listener to loop and shuffle at will.

Working members for the minidisc project were Russell Haswell, Sean Booth ... See full review