WELCOME! To Zion's Gate Records!

We specialize in good music from every genre. Our shop is located in Seattle, WA at 1100 E. Pike St. In our store you will find Vinyl, CD's, Cassettes, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Pins, Patches and Seattle's BEST selection of band t-shirts and hoodies which you can find online as well in our ebay store. EVERYTHING you see in our discogs marketplace is also available at our brick and mortar store. Stop on by and become a gate creeper today!

WE HAVE OFFICIAL MERCH! - t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, tote bags, patches and more! If you'd like some shipped, simply send a message requesting the item and size and you will be invoiced accordingly. Thanks for your support!

Check us out on instagram: @zionsgaterecords

Many shirts online, plus many more in the shop - http://stores.ebay.com/Zions-Gate-Records/Stickers-Shirts-Posters-/_i.html?_fsub=16&_sid=43226545&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

A quick note about sleeve grading: We don't grade every new LP sleeve mint. A true mint grade is basically impossible in my opinion...especially once something is shipped. So our near mint is the grade for new copies of LP's, and mint is used if it could truly pass as such.

A quick note regarding jewel cases for CDs and cassettes, as quoted directly from Discogs:
"Standard Jewel Cases: Standard Jewel Cases are not graded as they are replaceable."
This means that in the case that you receive an item with a cracked case, it is not seen as reflective of the actual sleeve grading for the item. Sleeve grading refers strictly to the art sleeve for the CD, and j-card for the cassette.

How to use discogs:

Browse our selection and purchase the items you would like. We then email you a paypal invoice. Easy, fast and safe. You can use your credit card via paypal even if you do not have an account. Money orders and cash in US dollars are accepted as well. On larger orders I will also take Western Union payments. This is the website for our record store with hundreds of thousands of records. It is much easier to input items and much funner to browse around and learn about music on Discogs so we choose to use this interface. We proudly offer one of the largest and best selections IN THE WORLD on discogs. Adding new items daily. We ship multiple days a week in strong, sturdy boxes. Open 7 days a week, easy to call and pro customer service. I check Discogs often and will attempt to get back to you quickly. Feel free to call the shop if needed 206-568-5446.

Please visit our record store when in the Seattle area.

All shipments come with TRACKING which is emailed to your account connected to paypal.

SHIPPING RATES: (heavier/odd shaped / sized items may cost a little more)

Shipping Discounts applied on multiple items.

USA for LPs - 1 LP media mail is 4.99. 2 LPs is 6.99 - (2 x LPs and heavy vinyl may be more) + discounted shipping for any you add after that. Will give bulk discounts on large orders in the US.

CDs/7"/DVD/Cassette etc are shipped first class mail. 3.99 for the first and 1.00 each additional. after 4 items will receive a free upgrade to priority mail.

USA - priority mail 9.99 = 2.00 ea. additional. Heavier LP's are more

INTERNATIONAL mail prices have significantly gone up as of 2016.

All rates are based on weight and country shipped too now.

Canada LP - AIR MAIL - 16.99 for the first LP
discounts on multiple items

CDs/7"/DVD/Cassette - 11.99 for the first discounts on multiple

WORLD LP - AIR MAIL - 24.99 for ONE LP...double lp's count as more...rates go up by weight and country from here.

WORLD CD/7"/DVD - 14.99 for the first.

Thanks for your support.

Here are some kind words we have received just these past couple months from our discogs customers!

"Fantastic - always ships very quickly and never any issues or delay. Always know that if I order from this seller, it will be fast, at a great price, and as advertised with no damage." - jgreer20016

"PERFECT TIMING + PERFECT WRAPPING + PERFECT DELIVERANCE. I am a store customer for more than 10 years and will be much longer, thanks Zionsgate!" - reeko26

"It was quick, albums are in excellent condition and the package is one of the safest systems i have seen." - SMmorzhi

"zionsgate is an elite seller. the best I've used yet. their packaging is beyond first rate. after I click submit feedback I'm headed to their store..." - breichwage

"Great communication, lightning fast shipping, great products. The best seller on Discogs! Thanks again." - Theschwanka1985

"ZionsGate is THE place to go for extreme music (and even just good ol' rock), 100% the best record store ever. Will order from again, and again." - metrothemonkey

"I'm amazed by the speed of delivery! Every time I've ordered I'm 110% satisfied! Superior seller!" - fishmobley

"RARE, hard-to-find, AWESOME CD was delivered to my door at utter BLINDING speed, and arrived in PRISTINE mint condition, JUST as described. All in all, zionsgate is by FAR one of the friendliest, most professional, and prompt sellers on Discogs! A+." - capricornone75

"Excellent seller in all regards! Lightning fast secure shipping and a great experience! I highly recommend this seller to anyone on this site! A+." - charlie_guitargazer

"I'm actually posting this positive review before I even receive the vinyl. That is how awesome Zionsgate is. I always get excited when a watch list item pops up and their name is on it." - stilly0469
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