The usual story: I thought I'd get to know more about my collection by checking them in here at Discogs and in the process I'll enter no more than a couple dozen of obscure, domestic releases. Not because I didn't want to, but I thought that the database is that complete and I wasn't aware of the small nuances that make a unique release here. I had no idea I'd be creating a fourhundredandsomethingeth Nevermind or Dark Side, a sevenhundredandtwentieth Sgt. Pepper's etc., but I guess that's the mundane part of the game...
My collection is not so big, around 2k - all physical formats put together. Concerning format-preference, I think I'm an omnivore, as long as it is physical. Sure, I love vinyl and all the hassle that comes with it, and I'd like to see all of my most favorite 60-80s bands in that format sooner or later, but apart from that, I'm totally OK with very affordable CDs, just the same way I loved LPs 10-20 years ago, when they were cheap.

Status reports
2019-02-23. A few weeks ago I laid my hands on a big bag of CD-s, mostly underground bands that had concerts in Szeged, Hungary between 2007-2012. Most of it isn't on Discogs, so that'll give me enough fun for a few months. I'll try to document, research them as best as I can.
2019-06-18. I'm not done with processing that batch of underground recordings, but I already started into another project: I created a profile for my late father-in-law to document his Jazz-collection and also some edits on the way: robert_zentai
2019-09-27 Reached 5000 Super Mario points with the addition of Zappa* - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1. :)

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I bought my copy a couple days ago. Gave it a spin, it sounds all right. But I was very disappointed that it came without a printed dust jacket or insert sheet. I would like to know who wrote the songs, who is playing. This is a total disrespect for... See full review
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Nice read, thanks for sharing!
(That's all. But I have to reach 10 words to post my comment...)
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Liner notes on back cover:
"A Muzsikás 1973-ban alakult Budapesten. A magyarországi és erdélyi hangszeres népzenével való személyes találkozás volt az az élmény, mely az együttest útnak indította. Olyan zenészegyéniségektől tanultak, mint a széki... See full review
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Could anyone measure pressing ring diameter for this exact release? And also check if there is a small "muffin top" outer ring at 83 mm? Thank you!
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I first bought the CD for many reasons: cheaper, I get a bonus disc and all my other Orbitals are CDs. I recently found a copy of this discounted at a local MediaMarkt and of course I couldn't resist the temptation. It sounds great, not dirty (many... See full review
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Most likely you own the US version from Rainbo - see Cat Power - Wanderer.
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You own a different version (that has been submitted to database after your review) - for US pressing from Rainbo see: Cat Power - Wanderer.
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Since this review the US pressing has been submitted to the database. This page here is for the European edition, which was pressed at Optimal and sounds great.
For US edition see: Cat Power - Wanderer
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I bought it at a gig in my home town, Szeged, Hungary. They did an exclusive concert in a small venue, in front of 50 people. I was really looking forward to the concert, but didn't get in, so I listened to the music siting on the pavement, next to... See full review
posted a comment on Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.* - How Was The Decisive Moment Recorded?. 12 months ago
It's funny how this CD version is wanted by 15 people vs. LP wanted by 49. CD contains 4 tracks, LP contains 2. CD limited to 200 copies, LP limited to 500.
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