The usual story: I thought I'd get to know more about my collection by checking them in here at Discogs and in the process I'll enter no more than a couple dozen of obscure, domestic releases. Not because I didn't want to, but I thought that the database is that complete and I wasn't aware of the small nuances that make a unique release here. I had no idea I'd be creating a fourhundredandsomethingeth Nevermind or Dark Side, a sevenhundredandtwentieth Sgt. Pepper's etc., but I guess that's the mundane part of the game...
My collection is not so big, around 2k - all physical formats put together. Concerning format-preference, I think I'm an omnivore, as long as it is physical. Sure, I love vinyl and all the hassle that comes with it, and I'd like to see all of my most favorite 60-80s bands in that format sooner or later, but apart from that, I'm totally OK with very affordable CDs, just the same way I loved LPs 10-20 years ago, when they were cheap.

Status reports
2019-02-23. A few weeks ago I laid my hands on a big bag of CD-s, mostly underground bands that had concerts in Szeged, Hungary between 2007-2012. Most of it isn't on Discogs, so that'll give me enough fun for a few months. I'll try to document, research them as best as I can.
2019-06-18. I'm not done with processing that batch of underground recordings, but I already started into another project: I created a profile for my late father-in-law to document his Jazz-collection and also some edits on the way: robert_zentai
2019-09-27 Reached 5000 Super Mario points with the addition of Zappa* - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1. :)

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Funny, the median price has dropped a lot since my comment. I guess many realized that this is not a rare item without the lithographs.
xmakeafistx, I'm sorry, that's real bad luck! I bought mine about 4 years ago at a local Hungarian record fair for... See full review
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This may be my very favorite Balaton (mini)album. Balaton has great lyrics, but I believe this music may be appreciated by listeners who don't understand Hungarian. I've been hunting for this album for many years. Unfortunately I never found a CD for... See full review
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posted a review of Yes - Talk. 7 months ago
Unfortunately the printed artwork is bad quality. Pixelated, blury edges, which is quite striking at this particular jacket for its high contrast, strong contours, "digital age" look.
posted a review of Iggy Pop - Power And Freedom. 7 months ago
Performance and recording is good, release lacks the bare minimum: recording date, location, source.
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Sleeve notes:
A Muzsikás Együttes 1973-ban alakult a régi falusi parasztzenekarok, a "muzsikások" mintájára, és zenéjükben ezt a hangzásvilágot adják vissza. A hiteles zenélési módot a ma még meglevő falusi zenekaroktól, zenészektől tanulják.
Első... See full review
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I'm quite surprised how the median price is climbing up - now at 95 USD. I thought the reason is that copies with the lithographs drag the price up, but looking at sale history and items for sale currently, there are quite a few copies without the... See full review
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As much as I like Triumvirat - Illusions On A Double Dimple, I really couldn't get into any of the albums coming afterwards: Spartacus, Pompeii... I think these are missing the rawness, passion, craziness. The result is bland, boring. But this is a trap so many second-rate prog bands... See full review
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submitted Cat Power - The Greatest. 11 months ago
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posted a comment on Rush - Moving Pictures. 11 months ago
They are basically the same. Unless someone wants to pay 2x more for a plastic bag and a schticker. :)
posted a review of Lajkó Félix - Lajkó Félix. 12 months ago
A very nice gem for Lajkó Félix collectors. As I searched, most of these (not all) soundtracks and scores are otherwise unavailable. Only problem is that it is too short, clocking in at 19:30. But still very nice and unique for a magazine attachment!
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posted a comment on Various - Magyar Népzenei Antológia - Tánczene I. = Anthology Of Hungarian Folk Music I. - Dance Music. about 1 year ago
English liner notes removed from Notes per Guidelines:

The collection of Hungarian folk music started with Béla Vikár's 1895 phonograph recordings. After the first few hundred folksongs it became clear that a musical idiom was alive among the... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Magyar Népzenei Antológia - Tánczene I. = Anthology Of Hungarian Folk Music I. - Dance Music. about 1 year ago
Hungarian liner notes. (Removed from release notes per Guidelines)
Előszó / Preface

A XIX. század végén, 1895-ben Vikár Béla fonográf-felvételeivel megkezdődött a magyar népzene tudatos gyűjtése. Az első néhány száz népdal után bizonyossá vált, hogy... See full review
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