We are Natural Born Collectors.
We've been collecting Mr. Bungle and Faith No More releases and also other where Mr. Bungle's musicians are involved.
Maja is archivist of Polish group Sirrah and side projects of the band members.
David Bowie has a lot of space in our hearts for his art.
His albums 'Outside' and 'Earthling' are our favorite and we try to collect all possible versions!
We have fire in our hearts for redundant and almost forgotten longboxes used for short term on the US and Canadian markets for CDs distribution.
We still have a lot of official and pirate cassettes in our collection, most of them are thrash or death metal but not only.
We like to listen music from cassettes (stereo or mono) and some albums are still released in this format only.
Tomo has been doing research the transformation of Polish music market (focusing on turn of the 80's and 90's).
Japanese pressings? Yes, We like them very much for obi-strips, liner notes, extended booklets and bonus tracks for Japan only!
Australian one We appreciate for bonus discs and South America pressings for titles translation.
1st pressings are important for us especially for thrash or death metal CDs, We like them for ascetic looks and pre-master era sound.
Vinyls look great and sound great!!!

All the Best for other collectors and archivists!
Physical formats 4 Ever!

Recent Activity

Action Description
submitted The Jesus Lizard - Blue. 13 days ago
submitted The Fixx - Reach The Beach. about 1 month ago
Michal Urbaniak* - Urban Express
submitted Michal Urbaniak* - Urban Express. about 1 month ago
Grace Jones - The Best Of (Island Life)
submitted Grace Jones - The Best Of (Island Life). about 1 month ago
Wczasy - Program
submitted Wczasy - Program. about 1 month ago
submitted Aswad - Aswad. 3 months ago
Donovan - Spotlight
submitted Donovan - Spotlight. 3 months ago
Radiorama - Four Years After
submitted Radiorama - Four Years After. 3 months ago
Prince - Batman
submitted Prince - Batman. 3 months ago
Laaz Rockit - Nothings Sacred
submitted Laaz Rockit - Nothings Sacred. 3 months ago
Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers
submitted Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers. 3 months ago
Donovan - Pied Piper
submitted Donovan - Pied Piper. 3 months ago
Donovan - Sunshine Superman
submitted Donovan - Sunshine Superman. 3 months ago
Donovan - A Gift From A Flower To A Garden
submitted Donovan - A Gift From A Flower To A Garden. 3 months ago
Donovan - Fairytales And Colours
submitted Donovan - Fairytales And Colours. 3 months ago
Failure - Fantastic Planet
submitted Failure - Fantastic Planet. 3 months ago
The Beatles - Let It Be
submitted The Beatles - Let It Be. 3 months ago
Donovan - A Golden Hour Of Donovan
submitted Donovan - A Golden Hour Of Donovan. 3 months ago
Donovan - Mellow Yellow Live
submitted Donovan - Mellow Yellow Live. 3 months ago
Donovan - The World Of Donovan
submitted Donovan - The World Of Donovan. 3 months ago
Modern Talking - Romantic Dreams (Greatest Hits)
submitted Modern Talking - Romantic Dreams (Greatest Hits). 3 months ago
Dory Previn - Mythical Kings And Iguanas
submitted Dory Previn - Mythical Kings And Iguanas. 3 months ago
Roberta Flack - Quiet Fire
submitted Roberta Flack - Quiet Fire. 3 months ago
Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle
submitted Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle. 3 months ago
Siekiera - Nowa Aleksandria Live
submitted Siekiera - Nowa Aleksandria Live. 4 months ago
Jude - Ultimate Obedience
submitted Jude - Ultimate Obedience. 4 months ago
Noonzy - Noonzy
submitted Noonzy - Noonzy. 4 months ago
Krzysztof Ruciński (2) - Krzysztof Ruciński
submitted Krzysztof Ruciński (2) - Krzysztof Ruciński. 5 months ago
Brel* - Brel
submitted Brel* - Brel. 5 months ago
Outrider - No Way Out
submitted Outrider - No Way Out. 5 months ago
Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson
submitted Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson. 5 months ago
Urszula - The Best
submitted Urszula - The Best. 5 months ago
Zbigniew Wodecki - Zbigniew Wodecki (Śpiewa Piosenki J. Kofty)
submitted Zbigniew Wodecki - Zbigniew Wodecki (Śpiewa Piosenki J. Kofty). 5 months ago
ZZ Top - Afterburner
submitted ZZ Top - Afterburner. 6 months ago
ZZ Top - Eliminator
submitted ZZ Top - Eliminator. 6 months ago
Ray Charles - The World Of Ray Charles
submitted Ray Charles - The World Of Ray Charles. 6 months ago
Bolter - Więcej Słońca
submitted Bolter - Więcej Słońca. 6 months ago
Jacek Skubikowski - Piosenki Z Różowej Scenki
submitted Jacek Skubikowski - Piosenki Z Różowej Scenki. 6 months ago
Camel - Dust And Dreams
submitted Camel - Dust And Dreams. 6 months ago
Alphaville - Afternoons In Utopia
submitted Alphaville - Afternoons In Utopia. 8 months ago
Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi
submitted Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi. 8 months ago
Kaczki Z Nowej Paczki - Greps
submitted Kaczki Z Nowej Paczki - Greps. 8 months ago
submitted Rosiewicz* - Rosiewicz '97. 10 months ago
submitted Cream (2) - Live Cream Volume II. 10 months ago
Baden Baden - You Are The One
submitted Baden Baden - You Are The One. 11 months ago
submitted Evan Lurie - Selling Water By The Side Of The River. 11 months ago
submitted Joey Calderazzo, Lars Danielsson (3), Jacek Kochan - Our Standards. 11 months ago
Sade - Lovers Live
submitted Sade - Lovers Live. 12 months ago
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
submitted Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother. about 1 year ago
Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
submitted Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction. about 1 year ago