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1 Acid Vain Dickhead Fuck
2 Ahna Pull The Trigger
3 Anusburger High Off Pheromones
4 Ape Unit Your Body Will Become My Abat-Jour
5 Atomization Operation Dropshot
6 Bloodington Master Of Infibulations
7 Coffin Birth (2) Neurotic Behaviour
8 Coprophagia Gore Induced Emission
9 Deadspawn The Beyond
10 Degenerhate Unleash the Fury
11 Disembodiment Chamber Of Agony And Doom
12 Dispolar Shanghai'd
13 Doze (2) Hospital In Guerrero Street
14 Educated Scum Cannon Fodder
15 Entröphiah Vegetraidores
16 Faršas Benefitas
17 Flash Chubbs Gimme Back All My Shit
18 Fractal Generator Into The Unknown
19 Gorgasmatron Smeagol Kag Kaliwat Syndrome
20 Hegemoney Shattered Skull
21 Hellsküm From The Womb To The Tomb
22 Hierophant Nostalgia
23 Hudeokristo DNK666 (DemonikNuklearKaosbeast666)
24 Jack Feketén Fehéren
25 Jockrot Dethroned Maggot
26 Krupskaya Step Forth Onto The Land Of Freedom
27 Life Crime Worship Machine
28 Maticrust Denies And Demise
29 Money Hater Murderous Avarice
30 Morbital Suicide Cult
31 Mother Eel Rooting The Dumb
32 NoiSexAxe Void
33 Pigskinner Dude, Chillax
34 Pinatyanay Disease
35 Return to Sender (4) Melt My Hands
36 Sick Of Stupidity Social Alienation
37 TON Burned to the Truth
38 TsT S4K Slam, Blast, Crunch
39 Warnnihilation The Real Black Plague
40 Yeti Tran: Legacy
41 xZEDx Sassari Grindcore Terrorist