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posted a review of Queen Factory - Another One Bites The Dust / Good Year. 4 days ago
This record has nothing to do with Queen. At least it sounds awful. Especially when I have been searching high and low for the B-track when finally I received a response on a YouTube video clip I had Made especially to ID this as suggesting it would be a ... See full review
posted a review of Umeko Ando - Battaki. 2 months ago
Now this is what i call groundbreaking music. Such a lovely trip. You can only just feel the love and happiness in these chants and melodies. Only had a small Claussell preview and it was listed only as a 1:41 track. So happy to discover it actually is a ... See full review
posted a review of 2DeepSoul - The Deepness. 2 months ago
Oh my goodness gracious lord. The second most popular game that we play to children is house
submitted Dj L Jammin' D - Ghetto Fabulous Thuggish*t - Vol. 2. 2 months ago