I am an enthusiastic listener and lifelong collector of modern, mostly electronic listening music. With the passage of time I can say that I probably love ambient the most. In pure form and also including its many blendings into other genres. I'm fascinated by musical emotions. I admire abstract and unusual forms and the discovery of new musical spaces. I can appreciate elaborate musical works, but I also know that spirit and beauty can hide in simplicity and decentness. In terms of my collection, I focus on compact discs. I like to create charts, some of which I have published here. I would like to thank all the authors mentioned.

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submitted Lingua Lustra - Gentle World [2023 Remaster Edition]. about 19 hours ago
submitted Montanà* - Colors Vol.2. about 21 hours ago
Logic Moon - Moonchild
submitted Logic Moon - Moonchild. 6 days ago
Michal Kořán - Lepši Stránka Dní
submitted Michal Kořán - Lepši Stránka Dní. about 1 month ago
Brian Eno Performed By Dedalus Ensemble* - Discreet Music / Music For Airports / Thursday Afternoon
submitted Brian Eno Performed By Dedalus Ensemble* - Discreet Music / Music For Airports / Thursday Afternoon. 2 months ago
Sebby Kowal - Formations
posted a review of Sebby Kowal - Formations. 3 months ago
This album is probably going to be very interesting. I haven't heard such an impressive and colorfully created minimalist drone in a long time. Listening to it gives me complete freedom of imagination. Deep and pathos-free.
Ian Boddy - Box Of Secrets
posted a review of Ian Boddy - Box Of Secrets. 3 months ago
Very good especially the opening track reminding me of Der Spyra and Virtual Vices.
Richterband* - „​.​.​. To, Co Lidi Sytí​.​“
submitted Richterband* - „​.​.​. To, Co Lidi Sytí​.​“. 3 months ago
Sebby Kowal - Formations
submitted Sebby Kowal - Formations. 3 months ago
Celer - Levitation And Breaking Points
posted a review of Celer - Levitation And Breaking Points. 3 months ago
Along with Dying Star one of the two best albums by Celer and drone-ambient style ever.
Aedena Cycle - Albite
posted a review of Aedena Cycle - Albite. 3 months ago
A beautifully made and timeless album for a Biosphere or H.I.A. listeners. A fantastic and vastly underappreciated pearl of ambient techno of 90's.
Jeff Greinke - A Thousand Year Flood
submitted Jeff Greinke - A Thousand Year Flood. 4 months ago
Cliff Martinez - My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
posted a review of Cliff Martinez - My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 4 months ago
The pop track at the end is a cold shower and a slap over the ears. Without it, it would be a beautiful concept album.
Robert Davies - Resonant Fields
posted a review of Robert Davies - Resonant Fields. 4 months ago
One of Robert Davies's most reassuringly peaceful ambient works. Listening can be approached in two ways. Actively listening, noticing the rich details and getting carried away from reality, or treating it as a kind backdrop for example while working... See full review
Ontayso - Abstract Serie N°10
posted a review of Ontayso - Abstract Serie N°10. 4 months ago
If I have to say what I can think of when listening to this album and throughout the Abstract Series, it is a wonderfully icy mystery in the ambient, growing to a spookiness. Suspense to bursting... There's nothing like it in that way. Absolutely... See full review
Mick Chillage - Inter-Dimensional Guidance
posted a review of Mick Chillage - Inter-Dimensional Guidance . 4 months ago
A great ambient album with occasional beats, intensely mysterious, very emotional, sounding mostly cosmic. The delicious sharper synthesizer tones match the uncannily minimalist atmosphere. The final track is a highlight that simply won't leave... See full review
Macrogramma - Asphyxia
submitted Macrogramma - Asphyxia. 5 months ago
Nacht Plank & Futuregrapher - Music For Sheep
posted a review of Nacht Plank & Futuregrapher - Music For Sheep. 6 months ago
This ambient album fascinates me. You're tempted by a uniquely mysterious, even spooky atmosphere. When you listen more deeply, you become restless. It draws you in, it's intensely compelling to the point of psychedelic. There's the bleating of sheep... See full review
Mind Over MIDI - Escapism
submitted Mind Over MIDI - Escapism. 6 months ago
Nacht Plank & Futuregrapher - Music For Sheep
submitted Nacht Plank & Futuregrapher - Music For Sheep. 6 months ago
Benoît Pioulard* - Eidetic
submitted Benoît Pioulard* - Eidetic. 6 months ago
Anzio Green - Autumn Honey
posted a review of Anzio Green - Autumn Honey. 7 months ago
A unique work in which guitar-made moods are complemented by downtempo rhythms. A great album even for those who like Kiln.
Montanà* - Colors Vol.1
posted a review of Montanà* - Colors Vol.1. 7 months ago
I'd say from the time of Labyrinths the author's best album, which follows on from them. If there were a FAX today, it would be ideally suited to its current sound and at the same time certain traditional elements. The genius here, I think, lies in... See full review
Yamaoka - Long Takes
submitted Yamaoka - Long Takes. 7 months ago
The Green Kingdom - Voyager
submitted The Green Kingdom - Voyager. 7 months ago
Lloop - Bulbbs
posted a review of Lloop - Bulbbs. 7 months ago
A stylishly impossibly diverse album in which the listener is in no danger of getting bored. Unbridled bursts of all kinds are accompanied by short atmospheric moods and ethereal drones from the Middle East, dreamy psychedelia and field recordings to... See full review
Paul Schütze - Second Site: 27°37'35
posted a review of Paul Schütze - Second Site: 27°37'35" N 77°13'05" E. 8 months ago
Early albums are fantastic, I agree, but even this has its charms. It's something else entirely, though, you have to get a taste for it. It proves Schutze's creative range. I'm fascinated by this kind of minimalist chamber atmosphere.
Tor Lundvall - Ghost Years
posted a review of Tor Lundvall - Ghost Years. 8 months ago
Impossibly deep, mystical and beautifully melodic compositions at the same time. Tor Lundvall's brilliant handwriting is absolutely unique and irreplaceable. It's not just this compilation that proves it. He's ghost ambient and ghost ambient is him.
The Edge With Michael Brook - Captive
posted a review of The Edge With Michael Brook - Captive. 8 months ago
A timeless classic. The great, mostly instrumental CD of two musical icons with music for the film stands a little in the shadow of the famous albums of the time. Still, it bears comparison with the best thing that came out in this genre back then.... See full review
Christopher Willits - Gravity
submitted Christopher Willits - Gravity. 8 months ago
Steve Roach - Ambient Church - New York City
submitted Steve Roach - Ambient Church - New York City. 8 months ago
Atmøsphäre & Sacred Seeds (2) - Mirror Lake
submitted Atmøsphäre & Sacred Seeds (2) - Mirror Lake. 9 months ago
Tropic Of Coldness - Deriva
submitted Tropic Of Coldness - Deriva. 9 months ago
Yamaoka - Koyomi
submitted Yamaoka - Koyomi. 10 months ago
Keith Berry - Viable Systems 5
submitted Keith Berry - Viable Systems 5. 10 months ago
Paul Ellis - Five Bliss Machines On The Infinite Stage
submitted Paul Ellis - Five Bliss Machines On The Infinite Stage. 10 months ago
Sven Laux - What Remains
submitted Sven Laux - What Remains. 11 months ago
Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - Revolve
submitted Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - Revolve. 12 months ago
Mike Lazarev - When You Are
submitted Mike Lazarev - When You Are. 12 months ago
Michal Kořán - Live At Klub Famu
submitted Michal Kořán - Live At Klub Famu. about 1 year ago
Mike Lazarev - Out Of Time
submitted Mike Lazarev - Out Of Time. about 1 year ago
Pavel Richter / Michal Kořán - Live At HIS Voice Office, February 8​.​, 2018
submitted Pavel Richter / Michal Kořán - Live At HIS Voice Office, February 8​.​, 2018. about 1 year ago
pk (17) - Whispers And Lights
submitted pk (17) - Whispers And Lights. about 1 year ago
Sven Laux & Fione - Tomorrow Everything Could Be Different
submitted Sven Laux & Fione - Tomorrow Everything Could Be Different. about 1 year ago
Various - Tensegrity - Collectors Edition
submitted Various - Tensegrity - Collectors Edition. about 1 year ago
Logic Moon & Henrik Meierkord - Inseln
submitted Logic Moon & Henrik Meierkord - Inseln. about 1 year ago
Warmth (5) - The Night
submitted Warmth (5) - The Night. about 1 year ago
Taylor Deupree - Harbor
submitted Taylor Deupree - Harbor. about 1 year ago
Specta Ciera - Bioluminescence
submitted Specta Ciera - Bioluminescence. about 1 year ago
Yamaoka & Purl - Human
submitted Yamaoka & Purl - Human. about 1 year ago