Don Grossinger

Real Name:Don Grossinger

American mastering engineer. Experienced in a wide range of mastering and lacquer-cutting technologies, as well as the specialized Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) technology employed on Strictly Rhythm Records, AV8 Records and Nervous Records.

Lacquer cuts can be identified in the runouts by "DON GROSSINGER", "DONGROSSINGER.COM", "dG" or in some cases "G".
Note: dG (d over G) may look like an ampersand "&" or a treble clef symbol. In these cases, please credit as Lacquer Cut By [Runout Etching Treble Clef Symbol] - Don Grossinger + ANV dG. When in combination with DMM, use Direct Metal Mastering By instead.

Runs his own mastering studio Don Grossinger Mastering since 2005.

Previously worked at:
Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs (1981 - 1985),
Masterdisk (1985 - 1991 and 2004 - 2005),
Europadisk (1992 - 2004),
Trutone Mastering Labs (2003 -2007) - as freelancer and also in between studios.

Sites:Facebook , YouTube
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