South Shore Commission


South Shore Commission was an R&B/funk band that briefly topped the Billboard magazine dance chart in 1975. The band formed out of The X-Citers Band in Chicago,IL, USA.
Members initially included Warren Harding Hagood II (drums), Sidney Lanier Pinchback II (guitar), David Thomas Henderson (bass guitar), David Abner Scott (vocals), Armed Allen McIntosh (trumpet and saxophone), Joe Hudson (saxophone), Melvin Moore (trumpet), and Kenny Anderson (trumpet). Later Sheryl Henry (vocals), Frank McCurry (vocals), Eugene T. Rogers (percussion and guitar), and Lantz Arnell (keyboards) joined the group.
The band had three Billboard Hot 100 chart hits, the most popular of which, "Free Man," hit number 61 in 1975, reached number 9 on the Soul chart. "Free Man" went to number one on the disco chart for one week. "Free Man"was the #1 disco record for the year in Billboard Magazine and in the top three for Record World and Cash Box magazines the same year.
Members:Dave Henderson (3), Frank McCurry, Sheryl Henry, Sidney Pinchback, Warren Hagood




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