Blu~ish, Dream Crease, Enchanted ForestEnergy Hum : Volume Two

Blu~ish - Energy Hum : Volume Two album cover
Label:Mutation Records – MRT015, Mutation Records – MRT016, Mutation Records – MRT017
Style:Ambient, Experimental, Drone


1Blu~ishMorning 12:47
2Blu~ishMorning 24:10
3Blu~ishMorning 33:26
4Blu~ishMorning 43:08
5Blu~ishMorning 52:57
6Blu~ishMorning 63:16
7Blu~ishMorning 71:05
8Blu~ishMorning 83:30
9Blu~ishMorning 93:31
10Blu~ishMorning 102:40
11Dream CreaseAndim1:34
12Dream CreaseContact5:31
13Dream CreaseStrange Landing3:45
14Dream CreaseShimmersion7:08
15Dream CreaseNocturne Chalice4:18
16Dream CreaseLament2:13
17Dream CreaseOpal Pools6:16
18Dream CreaseCosmic Return6:12
19Dream CreaseMidna4:56
20Enchanted ForestEnchanted Forest7:10
21Enchanted ForestThe Well11:24
22Enchanted ForestThe Starting Pool4:19
23Enchanted ForestThe Field7:12
24Enchanted ForestHelicopter7:37
25Enchanted ForestAfter Church6:05


Energy Hum returns with a new trio of ambient artists who have summoned a higher level of meditative calm and reflection...

Blu~ish is Samira Winter. Here's what she said about ☽★☉Juno Mornings☽★☉ :

"I made this series as a morning practice. During 10 days I woke up, improvised, and recorded a track playing only my Juno-60 and using my pedal board at times.

Every morning you feel differently. I wanted to capture that morning freshness. So many times I didn't know what would come out or even how I was feeling that day. These sketches were a way to connect and re-connect and I hope they can help you the way they helped me.

Enjoy <3 xo Samira"

Dream Crease is Marina Aguerre. With her debut release Nocturne Chalice she creates a world of magical proportions and depth, layering shimmering synths over ambient incantations. The Nocturne Chalice awaits, will you reach out and grasp it out of thin air?

Enchanted Forest is the ambient project of Ash Allard (HOTT MT). With Iyashikei she has beautifully collected and assembled quiet contemplative synth with field recordings stretched out in prismatic ripples of time. Sit by the water a while, or watch a train pass by and you'll connect with the still moments. "Iyashikei is my favorite genre of anime, simply translated it means healing. I want my album to fall into this genre, I want the people who listen to it to feel good. So I put a lot of bass in it to give everyone's heart a massage and the old soul a good shake."



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