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posted a comment on Moondog (2) - Snaketime Series. 1 day ago
Marvellous record. Moondog was truly a very unconventional being... a pure artist by nature!
I turn to Moondog always when i need a reset my musical opinion. And this is indeed a worthy reissue. No complaints. I love the German period as well. There... See full review
posted a comment on Pretty Sneaky. about 1 month ago
Well who coulde be behind this alias .. don't we have a good guess who it could be :#)
posted a comment on Muslimgauze - Buddhist On Fire. about 1 month ago
You never stop finding incredible new "old stuff". I don't even want to start marking this record with words. Just listen yourself.
posted a comment on Perlon. about 1 month ago
It's a record label and they release records... One more word!
posted a comment on James Priestley & Dan Berkson - Chariots. 2 months ago
I agree ... this is on of these (Tech) House records in my collection which has aged well so far. It's a warm and soulful tune and both tracks contain a beautiful melancholic drive. There are for sure inferior records for much more.
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posted a comment on Friedrich Gulda. 2 months ago
One of Austrias greatest personalities. Musical extremely gifted and what a great open mind in any way. Lovely person!
posted a comment on Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove. 2 months ago
I received a sealed copy of this gem and it sounds really strong. Very happy with this pressing.
posted a comment on Dollar Brand Duo - Good News From Africa. 2 months ago
From the first to the last note ... just fantastic!!!
posted a comment on Papillon - The Strong Blend EP. 2 months ago
Extremely underrated House EP. There is really terrible crap out there, new stuff, going for shitloads of money, while this can be bought for a dime. Get it! Very solid deep house for the club or at home.
posted a comment on Thelonious Monk - Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960. 3 months ago
Limited to 1000 numbered copies on 200 gram vinyl - exclusive for Acoustic Sound ... what does that even mean?? Absolutly nothing! I suggest to save money and get a regular copy with the same accustic properties. But compare them yourself. I... See full review
posted a comment on Booker T. & The M.G.'s* - Green Onions. 3 months ago
First of all ... the record plays mono. There is no doubt! The quality of this affordable reissue absolutely fine. HQ anti static inner sleeve, thick and flat virgin Vinyl. Sounds fantastic. And even the Cover is authentic without any other added... See full review
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posted a comment on Waldeck - Northern Lights. 3 months ago
As quoted on Waldeck's first album release ... just amazing ... a record connected with many memories.
One of the finest 12" record releases from Austria in the 90ies. Essential for personal reasons for sure.
posted a comment on Waldeck - Balance Of The Force. 3 months ago
in the 90ies you could hear the sound of Vienna through every respectable speaker. Living in Austria back than, that sound accompanied me, or us through many beautiful sunsets, evenings and cosmic journeys. And this album is certainly one of these few... See full review
posted a comment on Clifford Jordan Quartet - Glass Bead Games. 4 months ago
Probably one my favourite strata east records. Holds my attention every single bar. Just amazing and this reissue is highly recommendable. Pure pleasure!
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue. 4 months ago
cytovette is correct. It's a recording and not a pressing issue. I heard a lot of different reissues and they all have the same distortion.
Don't bother and accept it as part of the recording.
posted a comment on The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds. 5 months ago
By far the best mono reissue of Pet Sounds that has ever been released in my opinion. Don't think twice if you want to Brians brilliant work in best form. Worth any penny and certainly a collectors item. I got two copies without any spindle issues. I... See full review
posted a comment on Nat King Cole - Unforgettable. 5 months ago
This record has not a single review ... how is that even possible. Not even one word and at least a few others. Unbelievable for someone how had such an unforgettable voice as Nat King Cole.
posted a comment on Peggy GOU. 5 months ago
Average house music. Maybe not the worst, but after a few decades of digesting and regurgitating house music (and electronic music in general), i just hear influences, but absolutly nothing original, or interesting. There is nothing she can dig and... See full review
posted a comment on Azimüth* - Azimüth. 5 months ago
Just got here because i had the same experience as RossBrewer. I started the album and thought how good it sounded, music rich in detail, very direct and clear. My mind drifted away and after a while the record brought my attention back, but this time... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Next Stop... Soweto Vol. 3 (Giants, Ministers And Makers: Jazz In South Africa 1963-1978). 5 months ago
This one is not to be missed. The diamond in the "next stop" series in my humble opinion. As usual, some of the original records are almost impossible to find, or to afford. Musical content is just "magic".
Highly recommended and at least essential... See full review
posted a comment on Mongo Santamaria. 5 months ago
Somebody has to mention that the music of Mongo Santamaria was simply awesome!
posted a comment on Moondog (2). 5 months ago
His music has a shamanic vibrant feel. Moondog is pure music.
posted a comment on Spirits Rejoice - African Spaces. 6 months ago
Wouldn't it be great to have a decent reissue. I keep my fingers crossed!
posted a comment on Skyf, Christopher Columbus Feelings - Untitled. 6 months ago
Dig it! Dig it! Dig it! What else to say?
posted a comment on Spiritual Jazz. 6 months ago
Every release is pure dope. Certainly I have my favourite releases here, but they are all great and more important the audio quality is pretty good, sometimes even amazing in comparison with some other reissues of certain tunes. Jazz compilations to... See full review
posted a comment on Horace Tapscott - The Tapscott Sessions Vol. 1. 6 months ago
magic magic magic magic magic magic magic magic magic music.
posted a comment on Batsumi - Batsumi. 6 months ago
I couldn't praise this higher. Thanks for a lovely repress in amazing quality.
posted a comment on Don Rendell Ian Carr 5tet* - Dusk Fire. 6 months ago
Astonishing remaster. I believe that the recording must have been done with utmost care and the tapes are in good shape. Really glad I bought this. Ano no it's not mono. I've been told the mono was a fold down back than, but it was recorded stereo. No... See full review
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Cat Stevens. 6 months ago
So unfortunate that he turned into ideology, after such an important decade in human history, where finally ideology free thinking was possible (almost) worldwide. He started free and beautiful and free was his music ... now it's trapped and the music is crap. See full review
posted a comment on Mala (4) - Alicia. 6 months ago
Jesus H Christ... this record is high in demand ... like it's from 1964 and the master tapes got server damage. A bit ridiculous I think. It's a well done, chilled dubstep record, made for a wider range of people which happens to sample Alicia Keys.... See full review
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posted a comment on Sarr Band - Double Action. 6 months ago
Bought this when it came out. It was official back than. Sound quality is top notch and identical with my original copy.
posted a comment on K. Frimpong And His Cubano Fiestas* - K. Frimpong And His Cubano Fiestas. 6 months ago
Serious good sound quality on this CD. Very well done. Buy with confidence!
posted a comment on RIP Hayman* - Dreams of India & China . 7 months ago
Recital Records released again a truly amazing record. These field recordings are sublime, very well arranged and of amazing sound quality. A perfect mind travelling tool. RIP Hayman guides you through accustic landscapes in Asia and beyond.
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
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posted a comment on Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges* - Clube Da Esquina. 7 months ago
Can somebody please reissue this record in reasonable quantity and quality.
posted a comment on Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah. 7 months ago
Don't do that! You will just kill your records earlier and your needle as well. Set you needle to the exact required weight.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Windowlicker. 7 months ago
I just have just listened to this through Klilpschorns and well :---- O
posted a comment on 2 Bad Mice - Remixes. 7 months ago
It's ridiculous how well done this is! Maybe the best SSC release.
posted a comment on Dream Cycle - Part One EP. 7 months ago
Still one of my favourite SSC release so far. Part One is very recommendable!
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Exhibitionist 2. 7 months ago
Part 1 at min 2:17 the delayed Wizard, doing ... not much really, but the way he looks when he plays, gives you the impression that he is mastering, pressing and playing records, all at the same time. Legend says he even used to run a record shop... See full review
posted a comment on In-Existence - Moonwater. 7 months ago
Must have Apollo release and one of the earliest too!
posted a comment on Thugwidow. 7 months ago
Really amazing output so far... hope he keeps this mysterious way of presentation. i found out about hismusic through the contribution to the blunted breaks records.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago