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Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated formed 1961 in London, England and are undoubtedly the master UK root that helped form the family tree of today's British blues and rock music direction.

From the root-stew of a handful of seminal UK musicians in the mid 1950s, who were influenced by the blues and jazz movements trickling in from America, a new musical energy grew in the shape of British Blues. Jazz leader Chris Barber began promoting blues session intervals during his Marquee Club residency, with Alexis Korner and Ottilie Patterson. It was here that Korner (who had previously worked with Ken Colyer's Jazzmen) then formed a group, that included harmonica-player Cyril Davies, to expand upon these Marquee blues sessions in January 1962. This embryonic group then evolved into the formal Blues Incorporated, using on-stage amplification systems and becoming pioneers in the new 'electric blues' sound. It is difficult to grasp today how much of a stir this caused among traditional Folk-purists, plus the alienation of pub landlords to the level of sound the band produced.

The band initially had a regular slot at the Marquee. However, it wasn't long before Korner and Davies created their own residency for the band by taking over an old venue and forming "The Ealing Club", opposite Ealing Broadway rail station. Here "Blues Incorporated" would play and give 'open house' to the many fledgling musicians and blues groups that were emerging in the early 1960s. The band released two singles and four albums and tracks can also be found on a wealth of blues compilations. As Korner's desire increased for developing and experimenting with Blues Incorporated's fusions of jazz & blues, Davies decided to part company, forming his own and more 'purist' R&B group Cyril Davies And His Rhythm And Blues All Stars. However, the two remained friends until Davies' tragic death aged just 31.

The list of artists and groups which "Blues Incorporated" helped spawn would probably have you scrolling here 'till next Wednesday. It certainly occupies some 40% of pre-1980 Discogs UK entries.

Members:Alan Skidmore, Alexis Korner, Art Themen, Art Wood (2), Barry Howten, Brian Smith, Charlie Watts, Chris Pyne, Colin Bowden, Cyril Davies, Danny Craig, Danny Thompson, Dave Castle, Dave Stevens (4), Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dick Morrissey, Geoff Bradford, George Bruno Money, Ginger Baker, Graham Bond
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