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also: sorry but for the moment I'm unable to provide any recordings from my collection...
not opposed to the idea (that music should be shared and enjoyed), just not enough time.
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submitted Prod & The Moonbaby / Ash In October - Brisbane. 21 days ago
posted a comment on Ice (38) - Reality / Hey, Hey. about 1 month ago
Discogs' current approach seems to be blocking a release from sale upon receiving any legal notice (valid or not), without making a investigation of their own.. "Guilty until proven innocent"
There are other examples of legitimate releases being blocked ... See full review
posted a review of Betonkust - 0% Swing . about 1 month ago
Hidden on the b-side, "Entertaining My Goth" is one of the sickest tracks released in 2017... addictive since the first time I heard it.
The rest reminds me a lot of Al Ferox / Dancefloor Killers (who are probably due for revival also).
submitted FM Attack - Dreamatic. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on FM Attack - Dreamatic. 2 months ago
Some extra copies coming late 2017 / early 2018 ... 50eur (or more) for this is totally ridiculous
posted a review of Byron Sha - Sha Sha Fu Fu / Kitchen Reggae. 2 months ago
This guy was the owner of potentially the most incredible male hair in the 80s! (check back cover for further evidence)
Too bad there is no instrumental of the b-side song "Kitchen Reggae" as without the aspiring George Michael vocals, this could be a ... See full review
posted a comment on Dancing Fantasy - Dancing On A Summernight With You. 2 months ago
PSA: this 7" has the vocal version of "Dancing On A Summernight With You", not the instrumental one that plays in the youtube clip.
The vocals are not bad by any means, just ... smooth
posted a comment on Abel Paz (2) - Deep Cover #4. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Evelyn "Champagne" King* - Give It Up (Killer Dance Mix). 2 months ago
Melody inspired quite heavily by Daniel Devred - "Silver Spoon" from 1981 ..a great song and worth checking!
submitted Roma Blair - Wake Up And Live. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Edy Band - Sexy Lady. 2 months ago
Murky, cheap-sounding production, some keyboard mashing and an amateur vocal, but somehow still enjoyable (and sought after).
posted a comment on Jo Squillo Eletrix - Avventurieri. 2 months ago
Bootleg, but good sound in my opinion (I have compared with the OG).
Most of the UK Italo bootlegs from this time are trash (for example: Crazy Gang), but somehow they got this one right.
Useful as a DJ copy.
posted a review of Fard (2) - Chiamami Da Tokyo. 3 months ago
The difference between this 'Club Version' and the commercially released one from the following year is like night and day (in favour of this one).
Overall a more subtle arrangement, warmer sound and less rock/new wave influence.
submitted Sellorekt/LA Dreams - Turbo Quest. 3 months ago
posted a review of Cosmic Jam - Come Back To Me. 3 months ago
Tough downtempo production almost totally ruined by the awful vocals (and unfortunately no instrumental versions).
It sounds like they tried to emulate African American accents - with predictable results.
A poor companion to the awesome "Girl Don't Cry" ... See full review
posted a comment on Shiva (17) - :20 Minute Workout™ (The Original Music). 4 months ago
doe sthis version contains voice overs or is it music only? thank you

This version IS with voiceovers!
Actually quite funny and not overbearing, but the 'music only' version is the one you want if you have the choice.
submitted Dutch Dream Girls - Dutch Dream Girls. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Donaggio* - DePalma* - Love And Menace. 5 months ago
Are these tracks re-recordings made in 1989 or tracks previously recorded and released on their respective soundtrack albums?

In the case of "Body Double" there ARE definite subtle differences between the original soundtrack ... See full review
posted a review of Liz Torres Featuring Master C & J - Can't Get Enough. 5 months ago
Wall to wall dark and moody house jams, "In The City" is a standout but really all tracks are great.
Liz Torres' aggressive vocals fit perfectly with the tough and grimy production style.
Should be considered amongst the best house albums of all time.
posted a comment on Information Society / Liz Torres - I Can't Get Enough Edits. 5 months ago
Sorry to be the dissenting voice on this page but I'm personally 50/50 on this record...
on one hand, the edits are insanely complex - and made from tape reel no less
on the other, the schizophrenic nature of these edit versions means the flow is far too ... See full review
submitted H&S (3) - Sandy Traces. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Joël Van Droogenbroeck* - Biomechanoïd. 6 months ago
It gives me no pleasure to write this, but this pressing sounds quite bad: a lot of audible pop and crackle... a shame for such an amazing album.
Not sure if the culprit is the silver vinyl (which admittedly looks nice) or just a bad remaster/restoration ... See full review
submitted Pet Shop Boys - Introspective. 6 months ago
posted a review of Palmbomen II* - Memories Of Cindy. 6 months ago
Insanely beautiful and haunting collection of music, I was a bit skeptical at first based on hearing just the the first 12" release, but after listening to the rest (on repeat) I can recommend the box set without hesitation.
If I understand right, some ... See full review
posted a review of Trust (15) - TRST. 6 months ago
Still a landmark album for goth kids who like to dance..
not perfect all the way but enough killer tracks to stand the test of time.
pretty much essential thanks to the opener and closer (and a few bangers in between).
posted a review of Recht Herzlich - Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten. 6 months ago
Although I don't speak German and therefore don't understand hardly any lyrics of this record (except "Der Kleine Elefant"), for me it's a nice and upbeat album with sweet melodies.
Would I pay the crazy prices for the original 1983 edition? Never in a ... See full review
posted a review of T.P.H.* - Titty Twister. 7 months ago
Really nice record, one of my favourites from Thomas P. Heckmann, which is saying a lot as I bought so many of his records up till 2001/2002 or so.
Best track is "Return of Spam", not really in typical Heckmann style; quite relaxed atmosphere with ... See full review
posted a comment on Topo (3) - Ba Ba Go, Go. 7 months ago
true.. there is no instrumental version (although it says so on the label)
same stamper used on both sides = same track
posted a review of Q Lazzarus* - Goodbye Horses. 7 months ago
Presumably Mon Amie are milking this license til the eventual release of the original 12" version of "Goodbye Horses", and I'm not sure anyone waiting for that will be satisfied with (again) the single edit and these two demo versions (different and ... See full review
submitted Pet Shop Boys - Actually. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Flemming Dalum & Filippo Bachini - Lost Treasures Of Italo-Disco 4. 8 months ago
If you really think the mix is "horrorable" well that's your opinion, which you're welcome to.
But don't try to impose or suggest your views onto others.
The "Lost Treasures" series is unapologetically for people who have already listened to everything ... See full review
submitted Deca - Alkaid. 8 months ago
submitted Various - Ziyka. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Hysteric - Life Is Cheap. 9 months ago
Damn, life could be cheap. This record surely is not.

believe it or not the original title was "Life is cheap, but records are expensive"

repress out very soon :)
posted a comment on Nemesy - Nemesy. 9 months ago
For me the sound quality is very "flat" and the gain must be turned to maximum to mix with another record.
Maybe OK for home listening, but near useless as a DJ copy.
My beaten up original pressing is still more enjoyable, even with a lot of crackles.
On ... See full review
posted a comment on Tommy B. (3) - Blue Monday. 10 months ago
Bernhard Mikulski of ZYX Records was nothing if not a shrewd businessman.
Most likely he saw a hole in the local market caused by a shortage of available copies and exploited it.
The other possibility is, it was cheaper for the German market to have a ... See full review
submitted Roni (16) - בוא תתקרב. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Hildegard - Radio Taxi. 11 months ago
Nothing for the "Italo-disco collector" but two beautiful slow-rocking songs with maximum 80's Italian atmosphere.
submitted Riz Ortolani - Zio Tom. 11 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Steve Monite - Only You. 12 months ago
This is being reissued by PMG on vinyl and CD, out in March.

probably not the label most people were hoping for
submitted Plustwo - Mad Radio / New Sensation. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Les Joyaux De La Princesse & Regard Extrême - Die Weiße Rose. about 1 year ago
I don't judge who did what on a record, but the overall effect.
For me it's a perfect, complete album and one of the best examples from both artists.
posted a review of D.J. Look - Càpita. about 1 year ago
Killer funky italo record, the current marketplace price for this an absolute bargain.. an essential purchase IMO.
The closest comparison is probably Radio Band - "Radio Rap", but this is just as good.
It also featured in the Italian revenge/exploitation ... See full review
posted a comment on Anicée Alvina - Image à Définir. about 1 year ago
yes, a very nice song (and video ❤)
sad that she died so young
posted a comment on Toilet Paper* x Daft Punk - Da Funk / Teachers. about 1 year ago
Price and musical content aside, can we all agree this is one of the ugliest picture discs ...of all time !!

even this one is more appealing:
posted a comment on Maurice McGee - Do I Do. about 1 year ago
Is this an official repress or... ?

yes it's an official repress made in the late 80s or early 90s, on the Full Time "Gold Mix" series.
btw for those wondering if there will be another repress, it's unlikely unless the copyright ... See full review
posted a comment on Efemaniático - Efemaniático. about 1 year ago
The song itself is no masterpiece, but this 1983 record is definitely notable for it's early use of a TB-303 acid line as a major element in the composition.
posted a comment on Yoruba Singers - Black Pepper . about 1 year ago
I know the guys from Left Ear a little bit, or at least enough to know they never put out any release in a rush.. this is no 'PMG' we're talking about.
So for me it's beyond unlikely they would release anything they knew to have any pressing issue, ... See full review
posted a comment on Freddie Fresh* - Comatone 95. about 1 year ago
Respect to the label for making this killer release available in digital via their bandcamp.. in wav/flac/aiff no less :)

PS I wonder how many pizzas Freddie Fresh had to deliver to put this one out back in the day.